What do I do now? Advice needed~!

  1. Dilemma:

    I bought some shoes when the Marketplace was up and running and they didn't fit. A member said she would buy them if I could hold them for a month for her...but now, it seems as though that won't be going through...which is really frustrating because now I have a pair of shoes I don't even wear because they don't fit and I don't know the first thing about selling on e-bay.

    What do I do? I was really counting on the money for some post-graduation moving expenses....grr.

  2. sell them on eBay tsounds like your only choice.
    Sorry it didn't go through, but we don't allow you guys to sell behind the scenes here anyhow.
  3. yeah. it's real unfortunate...although it wasnt behind the scenes...it was the last transaction that I had to go through right before it shut down...

    I need to figure out how to post on e-bay....
  4. ah. . . .
    ebay's easy, download Turbo LIster, it's the easiest IMO.
  5. Is there a local high end consignment shop by you?
  6. nope. I wish.

    where can I get turbo lister? do I have to purchase it or what?