What do I do? Getting a Manicure and Pedicure.

  1. I've NEVERRRRR gotten my nails done before. One reason is I've just never thought about it. Another reason is I stopped liking long nails in high school, so about the time I had money to do it I didn't want them. I figure if I'll just get them looking nice and with polish I can do it myself.

    But I kind of want french tips on my toenails. I think it looks cute and I also think it would probably be good for a "first time."

    I don't know what to do though and I don't know what the prices are. I know they must vary, but I would love to know an approximation. And you tip them like you'd tip a hairdresser I'm sure, right? I feel like EVERYONE'S gotten their nails done and I feel weird walking in being like ... "I want french tips."

    What other things can they do? Can they make my feet look nice, like do they do anything else to them and is that -part- of a pedicure, or something else? What do I call it then? (haha so clueless, I know)

    All I want is french tips on my toes and maybe even matching on my fingers, but no false nails. Do they have to be false nails on my fingers? Can they do anything to your feet though for calluses? I know that sounds really gross but my heels have made them on each outer side of my foot but really small.

    Well that's what I want, so what would you say if you were me, and approximately how much would that be at an average place?

    Thank you!
  2. I usu. pay around $20-30 for a pedicure. Your pedicurist (is that a real word?) will get rid of your calluses, or at least make a go of it. I usu. tip about $5-10.

    I don't get manicures, so I can't help with pricing there - sorry!
  3. If you want tips make sure your tips are actually there to paint on LOL...doesnt have to be extremely long and there is no need for fake nails
    I usually pay $50-60 for a standard pedicure and manicure each, but you can find cheaper places
    the most important thing to remember is that you have to make sure the place disinfects tools and cleans them properly. you do not want bacteria from the previous person's toes and nails coming over to you!! talk about uninvited guests
    Usually there are different packages for pedicures and manicures with different price ranges as well. for the most part the more expensive ones have the heavy duty massages, exfoliating, 'extra' spa treatments, etc.
    Another option to get is paraffin wax, your hands or feet are dipped in this wax and wrapped for a bit. once removed it reveals softer hands and feet :smile: the usual price is $15
  4. wow thank you so much for this info! That wax sounds interesting, I might have to try that too!
  5. What you want is a French Manicure and Pedicure. Try not to use the term "tips" because your tech is likely to think you want acrylic on your nails and toes.
    Pricing varies from one salon to another. It just depends on your area. Plus if you're going to a salon that offers "Spa Pedicures" you're sure to pay more. Don't be afraid to call the salon to confirm your appointment and inquire about pricing.
    What do you do? Just sit back and RELAX! Plus, you might want to shave your legs because a pedi usually includes a massage of your lower legs. Try not to wear too many rings and bracelets for your mani....for the same reasons! You don't want your jewelry incased in lotions!
    Should you tip your tech? If she does a good job and you're please...sure! Feel free!
  6. To reduce likelihood of uninvited guests as mentioned previously, DO NOT shave your legs just before going b/c shaving usually results in small skin cuts which are an entry way for bacteria. You'll more than likely sit in a spa chair and the water will reach almost halfway to your calf. Ask for a French manicure and pedicure which I believe is universal for the white tips. Enjoy! Oh btw, If the weather permits, wear flip fllops so you don't smudge your fresh polish.
  7. don't use the word 'tips'. that implied acrylic nails (which they can put on toes too). just say you want a french manicure and pedicure. it's usually a few dollars more for french that a reg one, you'll probably pay about $40-$50 for both plus a tip. Also, MAKE SURE SURE SURE tha place is clean, it's so easy to get bacteria and yuck from those places, a woman around here DIED from a staph infection she got in a pedi tub (I'm in Dallas).
  8. also prepay and leave tip money and car keys out so you don't ruin your manicure when you leave by digging in your purse.. and, yes, wear flip flops so the pedi isn't smeared when you leave. i pay about $50 for the pedi/mani... i usualy tip $10 or so...
  9. You'll love getting a mani and a pedi and it wont be your last it'll end up being the norm. I can't live without a pedi and a mani every 2-4 weeks. Here In my area the Pedi is 30 and the mani is 15. Enjoy yourself and relax!!
  10. Price totally depends on where you live. At a "cheapie" place, I paid $35 + tip in Chicago, now in SF I pay $20 + tip (this is for mani & pedi). In my honest opinion, the cheap Vietnamese places do just as good or better of a job than the really expensive places (I've gotten my share of $70 mani/pedis as well). The difference between the inexpensive place and the spa is that the spa will have a nicer atmosphere, may offer you a beverage, and will probably have like more lotion/foot scrubby stuff goin' on. They'll also take a REALLY long time. I like to get in & out in an hour, so I actually prefer the quick, inexpensive places. You can definitely find cheap places that disinfect their tools, but make sure that they do so.
    I have such a bad addiction to manicures & pedicures, to the point where I am completely incapable of doing my nails myself. I'm trying to cut back, but really, it's never the same as when they do it for you!
  11. If you have very ticklish feet, you may want to just stick with a manicure...
  12. Totally true! I grew up in CA where manis+pedis are around $20 (for both) so getting nails done is a weekly or every other week event. When I moved to Maryland, prices jumped up to $35 just for the pedicure alone! I realized why my co-workers out there said it was such a treat - for that price, I would make it a special occasion as well!! I would wait to get my nails done whenever I flew back home and visited. (Same with dry cleaning - back home in So Cal, every item was $1.50 to dry clean - now it's hard to find a place that will dry clean an item for less than $3!)

    Vietnamese nail salons can be found in just about every town in the US. Kate's right - they have very little ambiance, but you can get in and out with a great nail job for much cheaper!
  13. I go to a Spa and for whatever type of pedi you want (peppermint scrub, hot stone, brownsugar scrub, etc) it's $30 plus I'll leave a $5 tip. A hot oil massage mani is $15. It's a very sanitary/repituble place from what I have experienced so far. You sit on Indian style pillows and place your feet in a spa tub while your legs rest on a log shaped pillow. They massage and gently "beat" your legs and then rub them down w/scrubs and oils. Then your arches are massaged THOROUGHLY and the actual pedicure takes place.

    To me that's a lot of good treatment for $30. It lasts for an hour (I often times wish more).
  14. I just recently went to a Euphoria salon here in town (popular branch of salons) and paid $55 for a french pedicure. I hadn't gotten one in 3 years, so it was a nice splurge for me.