What do I do? Dilemma... (short post)

  1. Ok so in Jan. I'm transferring to a different school and decided to get a job that will last until the end of December. I got a job at a tennis/swimming club which I want to keep until I move, but then I also got a job at Target. So do I.....

    1. Just work my tennis/swimming club job and earn money to buy a bag and x-mas presents OR

    2. Work both jobs, and earn even more money so I can buy 2 bags and x-mas presents but hate my life for the work load I'm doing and the fact that I won't have much of a social life with my friends before I move?

    I will be getting a job once I move so you can keep that in mind.

  2. Number 1 I guess..because friends and time to relax is more important than an extra bag or more money. You don't want a burnout! :smile:
  3. very good point! And I forgot I'm currently going to school and I need to do well so maybe having 2 jobs might be too much!
  4. Can you handle two jobs? I guess it depends on what you'd prefer.. more bags or hanging out with friends. Its a shame we can't have a bit of both :sad:
  5. If you're going to school also, then the first option sounds pretty good. Friends are much more important than bags, I think.
  6. Option 1. You don't want to work two jobs just for another bag, do you?
  7. Yeah working two jobs just for more presents for myself is a bit selfish. I don't own any bags or ipods or anything because all of my money goes to sports so the idea of doing some great shopping at the end of the year is exciting. But relaxing and spending time with friends sounds really nice. I guess this isn't a dilemma because I know what I should do. haha
  8. :smile: I'm glad we helped you figure it out! Sometimes the answer is obvious but hidden from us until we ask someone else:smile:
  9. Yeah I agree! Asking you guys helped me "see the light" hehe :yes: