What do I choose Sunset Blvd or Sunset Drive??

  1. What do I do??????

    Got the call for both the Amarante Sunset Blvd and White Sunset Drive just a few sec ago!

    I definitely want the Amarante Sunset Blvd. :sweatdrop:
    (Ban, what ban? :angel:)
  2. Desperate times call for desperate measures, GET BOTH!! HAHA
  3. I love the Sunset Blvd. in Amarante, it is so HOT!
  4. oh no no no no no, Matt... I must control the urge to get both this time. :sweatdrop:

    My SA said she will call back in a few minutes, but said that there is only one in Sunset Drive and four in Sunset Blvd.

    I will pick def. pick at least one up tonight... :graucho:
  5. havent seen pic's of both so i dont know. I've only seen this one Sunset Blvd and its cute.
  6. yeah..i think i've seen the sunsel blvd, but not the drive.
  7. which one is sunset drive??
  8. hmm...get the sunset blvd!!~
    actually get the summit (i think you're talking about the summit) drive and show us what it looks like without all the professional lighting lol.
  9. :nuts::nuts::nuts:There's more than one sunset???:nuts::nuts::nuts:

    Some please post a pic!!!!
  10. Here ya go...

  11. Hmm depends if you want a big bag or small clutch.
    I like both there is a picture somewhere of the peal sunset drive and it's so pretty check the Louis Vuitton shopping section!
    I love both!
    But if you have to i say Amarante cause i think for a while that will sell out fast.
    I was having Vernis anxiety!
  13. should i have gotten a call for this??? i did the pre-sale through 57th street and my SA said she'd call me when it came in but it seems like everyone's getting calls already! where's mine??
  14. What I LOVE about the sunset is that you can use it as a wallet in your bag and then just attach the strap to it later on .... :smile:
  15. i'm biased btw since i want the sunset...lol so i say go for that.