What do Hermes fans like to indulge in? Post your NON Hermes purchases here!!

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  1. I was just thinking, yes, Hermes is really lovely to own, covet, lush after, acquire etc but what other purchases have made our hearts flutter!!

    I got some Velvet Rope Perfume today and love it!! Please post pictures if possible

    So what purchases have you made recently - NON Hermes?
  2. I just bought the new Chanel maxi flap. I love it. Its lambskin with gold HW.
  3. Lovely Luccibag!! Lambskin is just so squeezy!!
  4. My non-H addiction is a UK cosmetics company called Lush.

    They make shower gels, shampoos, body lotions etc. All freshly made and absolutely divine.

    I :heart: fragrances and anything that can be sniffed so when I run a bath and grab some Lush I disappear for hours. :yahoo:
  5. I bought a YSL Muse 2 bag on sale. Afterwards, I bought another black 30 Birkin in epsom and a brown/orange Kelly. So I'm forgiven.
  6. I'm a jewelry fanatic. Here's a recently aquired Tiffany Slumberger enamel bangle that I just adore. It was made in the sevenites. I buy Hermes to use, but I collect jewelry.

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  7. I love lush stuff, the candy bar bubbles are lovely!! Ooh and the Karma scent!
    Loving the YSL muse bags, we saw quite a few in Paris!!
  8. We forgive you, Mellismom! :heart:
  9. I just got these two in the last couple of weeks... :heart:

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  10. Tiffany stuff is :heart:

    I am going to duck out now, because looking at everyones new stuff will make me broke!!

    I just felt after reading the sad problems people are having with Hermes, it would be nice to look at non h stuff and remember that there are lots of things that make our hearts flutter not only Hermes.:yes:
  11. Recent non-H purchases, I haven't actually done much shopping so far this year but just after Christmas I bought a Marni coat and jacket, Rupert Sanderson riding boots, Lanvin red patent ballet flats, some Falke ribbed tights and I think that's all

    Sammyjoe I think we should do a Bicester trip :tup:
  12. I am up for a bicester trip! Mooks, pics please of your goodies if poss, all of these pics already posted will aspire H fans to acquire!!
  13. Rana you may have seen these before but if not these are the lovely Sprouse windows at LV on the Champs Elysee


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    I got a pair of Lanvin flats as well - now I understand why everyone loves them so much! I also got some Burberry flats and some Prada flats. Shoes are my other addiction...lol
  15. Will try and do them tomorrow if I don't make it into work, too dark now :P
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