what do do?!

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  1. Ok. I'm very much in love with my stam. But since I've had it, I'm a little unsure about it's staying power. Every MJ I have is a classic but I'm worried I won't be able to wear this one after this winter. And NOW rumor has it a black chanel flap could be coming my way this Christmas. I guess I should wait till then and see and then put it up on ebay? It still has the tags on it. But I cut off the price because I was worried my mother would find it. :shame: So I don't think Bloomingdale's would let me return it. And then again, I'm not sure if I want to return it after what I went through to get it. HELP!
  2. ^ Even if you cut off the price, you can still return your Stam to Bloomingdale's. Make sure you have the receipt and the tag has the bar-code sticker (placed by the SA who rang up your transaction; has record of the transaction).

    As for Stam vs Chanel's Flap, it depends on your taste and preference. I personally would go for Chanel's Flap for sure because I prefer dressier and elegant bags; Stam is nice too, but I don't like the funky chain for myself.
  3. ^ i sooo agree. i personally prefer the Chanel flap too, so timeless chic and elegant.
  4. can't ya keep both? heh, that's what i'd do!
  5. I just feel horrible to spend that much on a bag that I won't wear forever. I returned it. I need clothes anyway. :P No point in having a hot bag if you don't have a cute outfit to wear with it. PLUS I already have a black MJ. And if I have a quilted chanel I don't see myself using the stam. When he first came out with the quilted stuff I didn't care for it. I thought it was really trendy and that he bit off of chanel. I was happy with my soft calf stuff. Then I fell victim to it and completely impulsively bought the stam. Don't get me wrong they're gorgeous but I just felt really uncomfortable after I got it and I feel much better now. :smile:
  6. You did the right thing.. if you were having doubts about it, it's best to return it... at least now you know it wasn't meant for you! Enjoy your Chanel once you get it!
  7. I think you did the right thing. Kudos to you! I hope you get your Chanel :smile:
  8. you totally did the right thing...the stam should be loved and only certain people do...plus, chanel is classic and fabulous!
  9. Good girl!! You absolutely did the right thing!! If you have any doubts at all you should return it..For that kind of $$ plus you KNOW you'll be buying more bags...That would be a shame to have that bag just sit there....I feel your pain..I just returned a tapioca blake that I really liked, but kept a red one that I really LOVED....I'm proud of you!!! Chanel? TDF!! I don't have one yet...If I could raid my aunt's closet I'd have plenty for all of us!! Someday......And the next time I go to NY for sure!! :heart: Emmy
  10. thanks for the support girls. I am a little sad about returning my stam. It was the last one in black and as soon as the transaction was completed, another girl grabbed it right off the counter. :crybaby: but if I don't get the chanel for christmas I'm pretty sure I'll get it for graduation. I just have to be patient.