What do/did you miss most while pregnant?

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  1. So last night as I was struggling to get comfortable and fall asleep, I started to think about what I miss being able to do the most. For me, I really miss sleeping on my back. I just can not get comfy sleeping on my sides. Last night I finally tried sleeping propped uo and it worked. Secondly, I miss Sushi. Spicy tuna rolls. Salmon nigiri. yummm. Third, I miss my shoes and clothes. I miss feeling cute when I put something on and my heels!!!

    So what do you miss?
  2. I have to agree with you on that Sushi thing! I misssssssss Salmon Sashimi a whole bunch!
  3. right now, i miss having an appetite! for the past 6 weeks or so, i feel nauseous pretty much all the time, and I only eat because it makes me feel better. i miss the enjoyment of eating. i miss going out to places and not having to carry a stash of crackers in my bag, or worrying if I'm going to be sick. i can't wait until i can actually enjoy the taste of food again.
  4. sweetneet- hang in there... you will be there soon! I have the same exact problem and I lost 10lbs on the first 3 months... but it went away when I'm at 12 weeks... and I started to eat more and enjoy food more now! I'm at 14 weeks, nausea is gone but I do have headaches on and off and back pain.. oh wellz... better than loosing appetite!

    I miss sushi the most.. uni, salmon, yellow tail, all the sushi... and seafood... lots of lots of seafood... crab, shrimp, oysters, clams... last but not least.. I miss my heels....
  5. thanx so much for the encouragement BearyT..that is good to hear your m/s went away around 12 weeks, i hope that ends up being similar with me. Over 4th of July weekend I was feeling somewhat better and I finally managed to gain 1 lb (w00t!) and so I thought the m/s was disappearing but then this morning I felt sick again so I don't know. I am hoping I just have 1 week or 2 left of this before I can feel better and enjoy food!

    and i miss sushi too, especially maguro (tuna). and i miss hot dogs. i do sometimes have some my husband boil a hot dog frank at home so i can eat it, but it's not the same as eating it at a ball park or in a restaurant
  6. Hang in there sweetneet. I am having a similar problem. I am hungry and need to eat but I am so tired of it. I have no real desire for anything (except sushi). I feel ya about missing the enjoyment of eating.
  7. one word......alcohol!!!!!
  8. I miss sashimi, sake bombs and night life. I'm never got morning sickness, consider yourself lucky if you did. I think it's a way to keep you from gaining too much weight. I gained 10 lbs in less 11 weeks b/c I'm constantly hungry. I'll eat anything every 30 mins. If I don't eat, I feel very weak. (Anyone experienced this and is this normal?) I'm trying to cut out the unhealthy snacks and eating fruits and veggies during cravings. Also, I don't look pregnant, I just look fat at this point. But my close friends and co workers notice that I'm getting heavier, not in the stomach, but everywhere!!!
  9. I miss walking like a normal person bc I waddle like a duck now! LOL I can only be on my feet for 5 min each time or have to ride a scooter if I need to be mobile! oh...and sleeping comfortably.
  10. Sushi, wearing clothes without an elastic waist band, sleeping through the night without having to pee, and goat cheese!
  11. Are you kidding? BOOZE! Haha!
  12. i miss my heels and its the summer i want to wear cute sandals. I'm tired of flats and flip flops, i had to give up the heels recently they were really wearing me down. I'm still squeezing in my clothes but my friend told me to get me some maternity jeans asap..... I wanted to cry today:sad:

    Oh lawd wine i found my self sipping some wine at my friends house warming...............
  13. I miss wearing heels. I miss soda, coffee, donuts... "normal" activities: I miss rowing and sitting in the sauna. oh, and sleeping on my tummy.
  14. I miss shopping without getting winded and spicy tuna rolls. And I miss being able to button up my normal pants. I'm not going to be able to hide this pregnancy for very much longer :s

  15. I remember missing sushi soooooooooooo much, once I gave birth to Kayla I overdosed on sushi, lol.