What do Chanel TPFers carry in their bags

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  1. Hello Ladies, this is a fun thread to share what you carry in those marvelous Chanel bags. I know you all own some glorious bags!! :drool: So what are necessities that you just can't leave home without....I know some of us carry more than others. What are you carrying today? :P
  2. I don't travel around with much. A wallet, sunglasses, phone and some diapers and wipes for the kids. I know its pretty boring...
  3. Come on girls, I know there are more of you out there. :yes:
  4. My wallet, Chanel sunglasses w/case, cell phone, Altoids , pen, Chanel powder compact, and keys:smile:
  5. bag: Paris Biaritz (sp?)- medium in the silver

    I usually carry (sorry no pics!)

    etianne aigner wallet in black (cheapo I picked up at TJ's)
    Versace sunglasses
    small makeup pouch (lipgloss, mascara, small perfume vial)
    coach coin pouch

    thats about it. if Im carrying it to school (very rare) I include:
    graphing calculator
    lunch card
    maybe a t-shirt/tank to change into for the gym later
  6. LOL I throw as many things I can to fill up my larger Chanel bags -- long wallet, cosmetic purse, car keys, packs of tissue, cell phone, a cardigan, pencil case and water bottle if I was going to school.

    In my smaller bags like the med/large and e/w flaps, I can only put my long wallet, cell phone, car keys and a pack of tissue. For the jumbo and 227 reissue, I put the same stuff like I do in the smaller flaps and add on a camera and cosmetic purse.
  7. I broke in my grey jersey flap yesterday. In it was:

    silver DNKY wallet
    silver clinque makeup bag (not much in it: lipstick, gloss, eyeliner, concealer, chanel mascara, lipbalm and a little tester bottle of chanel no. 22 they gave me at Bergdorf's in NY)
    phone (nokia e61)
    mp3 player (creative zen 16gb)
    fine-toothed comb

    My keys were in my jacket pocket, and that's all I wake with me most of the time, really-- keys, wallet, phone, comb and if I have room, a little makeup. I love big bags but I don't put too much in them because I walk everywhere, and I hate lugging stuff around unless I really need it! For college, I also take my laptop and some pens, but that's about it.
  8. today i carry my chanel olsen tote

    inside :
    balenciaga coin purse for my compact & blush
    chanel billfold wallet
    ysl cigarette box & lighter
    2 cell phone
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