What do Chanel Lovers think of Goyard?

  1. Just wondering about buying a Goyard bag. I am really a Chanel lover and have many Chanel bags....What do other Chanel handbag lovers think about Goyard? Just a passing trend..or a good investment?? Thanks
  2. i have few chanels and i kinda intrigued to buy a goyard too :p
  3. Honestly, I don't see the lure with Goyard. I feel like it should cost $50- then I'd buy one for the beach or rainy days but over $1000 for one? No way! (Oh, and I love Chanel, if that matters :smile:
  4. depends, what does it look like?:shame:
  5. I think it takes a certain dress style to pull a Goyard off. Don't think it suits everyone tho. To me, I envision it as a very studied casual bag, almost a French girls university accessory. With mid-heeled loafers, opaque stockings and textured mufflers. Love it.

    I think it shares some sensibilities with Chanel... some of the clothes have a school uniform charm about them.