What do celebs do with their used handbags?

  1. I was just wondering...where do all the used handbags (that the stars have owned) go? I'm sure they use some of their bags once or twice before moving on to the next style. What happens to the cast offs? Do they donate them? Are there shops in LA or the internet that sell used celebrity clothing and handbags? Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  2. There is a place to buy used celeb stuff,but I can't think of the name of it-Stars In Your Closet,maybe?
  3. I think they may just keep them in their closet, then donate a huge bulk. I've seen that with MK & A and Paris
  4. I saw a thing on E! today about a professional closet organizer. After she was done, she would then sell off the person's unwanted belongings and she worked for a ton of celebs. Also, there's a place in LA called closet raiders that sells celebs belongings. I think they have a website, www.celebclosetraiders.com, I suppose?
  5. 1. Celebrity Owned
    2. Decades and Decades 2
    3.Also a place in Burbank where they take stuff that was used on shows, "It's a Wrap".
  6. Yes, I saw that too. If you live in LA you are lucky because there are several consignment stores that have the discarded designer handbags,etc..
  7. Thanks everyone! You ladies are always a wealth of information!- I checked out Celeb. Closet Raiders and it led me to an ebay auction site that is empty right now-maybe more to come if they just had a segment on Oprah. I looked at Decades and Decades -some good stuff!-and I had trouble finding Celebrity Owned but the It's A Wrap! site was interesting-selling props etc. from shows- what an idea!
  8. It's A Wrap also opened a second location on Robertson in Beverly Hills.
  9. They probably do a variety of things from using those "pre-owned by the stars!" services to giving stuff away to friends to charity. There was an article in US Weekly (I think) about how Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen gave their staff at DualStar full access to their closests and allowed them to take whatever they wanted.
  10. REALLY???? I wish I could go through their closets!...lol. They have SO much great stuff!!!! :love:
  11. If I could go through Mary-Kate and Ashley's closets, I could probably fit only my little pinky into their pant legs-and I'm not a very big person!:roflmfao:
  12. thanks for all the info! i definitely wanna hit up celebclosetraider my next trip to LA
  13. how do they get these jobs??
  14. They sell them on ebay!!!! Under there assistants name/account ;) (someone here might have a celebs purse !!!!)and they don't even know it....