What do all of you think of the Massai?

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  1. Hi,

    as I'm still hunting high and low for the Kelly of my dreams, I wonder what your thoughts are on the Massai. I'm thinking it would be a nice casual bag. :biggrin:

    I'm eager to hear your esteemed opinions on this bag :yes:

    Thanks all :flowers:
  2. The Massai and I don't really get along very well......I look like a handbag walking around! Even the smallest one looks a bit overwhelming on me.

    If you are looking for a nice casual shoulderbag....how about the Trim II? I've got one and it's FABULOUS!
  3. :lol: I've got lots to carry around, magazines etc

    Trim is very nice but a bit small for me.

    I have never seen the Massai up close, is it lined with leather as well? I'm a little concern about the buckles, wonder how strong they really are.
  4. I love the pic of the Massai on CBK, but it looks horrid on me...I think it is a bag you have to try on to determine personal fit...
  5. I love the Massai!!!! If I wasn't saving for my Kelly I would definitely get one. You do need to try it on. I'm 5'7 about 140 and the PM fits me fine. It is gorgoeus in potiron or rouge....or etoupe or gold or...it's just beautiful! It's lined in fabric. I think it is a great bag for the price especially. I could go on and on... :love:
  6. Thanks SoCal & Crochetbella.

    Crochetbella, apparently this bag comes with 2 straps? And that it can be slung over the body like a Evelyn? Would you know anything about this?
  7. I like the fact that Massai has a zip top. I got pick-pocketed once :sad: so trying to get something where it won't happen again.
  8. It comes with a shorter and a longer strap. I personally can't wear it messenger style but if you are not quite so *ahem* busty you might be able to. ;) The Evelyne strap in much longer (and more forgiving) than the longer Massai strap. I did like the two different lengths though because it gives you the option of wearing it higher or lower on your shoulder. The buckles seem very strong as well. And it's very comfortable on the shoulder.

    (D, stop laughing! She saw me try it on messenger style and it was not a good look for me. LOL :shame: )
  9. Laughing? Me?????

    this bag will forever be inprinted in my mind as the "breast bag" ..... love ya, H.........
  10. LMAO :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Love ya right back D! :P
  11. Thanks Crochetbella & Shopmom :flowers:

    I'll definitely try it on before I buy anything, haven't given much thought about it being a *ahem* breastbag :P
  12. LOL Air...it really is a gorgeous bag. I was going to get one in potiron but it sold before I could go back and get it. Still kicking myself over that one. :love:
  13. I've got the Masai PM, and I'm wondering whether I should have got the GM... It's not small mind you, my stuff fits just right, but I always like a bit of extra room in my bags! The shorter strap fits just under the armpit, while the longer one, as Crochet says, is long enough to sling messenger style, but only just (and I have NO bust problems!) I think it's a gorgeous bag, but now that I've used it, I would probably get a different sholder bag, because I don't find it very easy to get into if you wear it with the short strap, and with the long one, I don't like the length of it... So, a bit of a dissapointment, for me....
  14. I tried it on....horrid on me. I do love it though....

    Shopmom, Trim II? I'll need to do a search and look up some pics.
  15. Not for me :sad: