What discontinued products do you miss?

  1. One of mine is Chanel Pink Praline lip liner. :crybaby:I've still got about a quarter pencil's worth left, and I just found one on eBay that I'm going to buy. I'll continue buying it off eBay for as long as it keeps showing up, but after that I don't know what I'm going to do! It's the only liner I've ever liked. The color and texture were just perfect for me.

    What products do you wish would come back?
  2. MAC lustreglass in "LYCHEE LUXE". Now it only comes in lipglass:push:.
    I also miss VS "Pretty in Pink" lotion and I thought I'd never say that. When I worked there my un-favorite manager wore it and it reminded me of her.
  3. Clinique tinted superbalm in raspberry; now they make raspberry superbalm moisturizing gloss instead, which is shinier but not as moisturizing :sad:
  4. Tucumcari Boys 'n' Berry By OPI. Best color ever.
  5. MAC lipglass in Pink Clash. That was my favorite color ever :crybaby:
  6. 1) Tobacco Flower perfume at the Body Shop


    This from Sephora:

  7. Cacharels Gloria perfume. It was my all time favourite and all I would wear. Still have not found a substitute:sad:
  8. L´Oreal Volume x3 - the best effect a mascara can do on my lashes
  9. Body shop used to have amazing concealer on 90's, I dont remember the name but I think it was meant for dryer or older skin type... it made my dark under eyes totally disappear, it even had the most perfect shade:girlsigh:
    Now I'm using cle de peau concealer and it's almost as good and way more expensive!
  10. Estee Lauder used to have an eyeshadow that was an amazing sparkly brown color-- Topaz or something. It was perfect for brown-eyes. I loved it!

    Also, I miss L'oreal Translucide liquid foundation. It was perfect. Just perfect. They kept the powder on the market and discontinued the foundation. I was so bummed :sad:
  11. Nobody's prolly ever heard of this but it's a perfume by alyssa and ashley called *Fizzy*. It has the best smell, never smelled any thing like it cant even explain it! lol...but i have found it on perfumes.com, before only rite-aid carried it!
  12. Flori Roberts "Royal Ruby" lipstick. It came in a green marbelized and gold plastic case, smelled like cocoa butter, and was my staple throughout high school.
  13. Prescriptives "FLIRT" perfume. Now all they have is that nasty smelling "Catalyx".
  14. Clinique's Colour Surge Lip Lacquer in Cherry Spritzer. This was THE gloss for me. Very natural, I'm trying not to use my last pot too much as not to run out.
  15. Fresh lipstick in Sunday Bazaar