What discontinued model would you like Hermes to revive?

  1. Lydie? Sac Mallette? Kelly Elan? Piano? Himalaya? Any other "vintage" styles that you folks favor?
  2. Twenty four, HG!
  3. Pullman.
  4. That's interesting you chose a coin purse. Why this particular model over other coin purses?
  5. Very ladylike. If you ever get to play with one of these bags, it's constructed very much like a sac mallette with hard paneling. The panels form a pocket between their insides and the outside of the "sac mallette".
  6. The twenty four is not that boston bag :confused1: ?
  7. What Boston bag? Can you describe it?
  8. I do not know how my brain works, he he, I think it should be Twenty. Where comes the four:shrugs: ?

    Sorry for the bad pic.
  9. LOL! Hermes adds four to this bag and it turns into a coin purse..........

    BTW, I saw this bag just last year in my store. It didn't last too long on the shelf. I made a beeline for the bag and right when I was five feet away another lady asked to take a look at it. She ended up buying it.
  10. I agree with the Pullman.
  11. The Kelly Elan for me!
  12. Sac Mallette, is there a practical size of Sac Mallette that can be carried as a daily bag ?
  13. The tissue cover.
  14. Lydie and Kelly elan...

    Is the Kelly Sport still available...?
  15. Quelle Idole!