What discontinued LV bags do you have?

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  1. and are you afraid to use them?

    Once they are discontinued, they seem more special to me.

    I have: Brand new red vernis Spring Street (Im kinda scared to use this one because once you start opening it, it gets a crease in the back:sad: )

    Vernis fuchsia Houston - I do use this one.

    Graffiti pochette - I use this too.

    and the Cerises Speedy - I use it too.

    Soon to be discontinued Mandarin epi speedy too!
  2. i have the Monogram Mat Shelton in black, which i use occasionally.

  3. I'm not too afraid to use my discontinued bags because I usually use my bags in a heavy rotation. Plus I feel like I'm neglecting them if I don't use my bags. LOL

    I only have 3 discontinued bags: a Gray Trapeze GM, a Mono Mizi, and a velvet/fuzzy pochette (sorry I don't remember the correct name).
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  4. I have the St Jaques Epi in Yellow.
  5. None.. unfortunately ! :sad:
  6. Graffiti Speedy
    Graffiti Alma MM
    Graffiti Alma PM
    Eye Need You
    Eye Miss You
    Mono Mizi
    Mizi Vienna
    Cerises Speedy
    Cherry Blossom Pochette
    Panda Pochette w/Panda Cles
    Fringe Speedy (limited piece) < Exchanged for the bucket:yahoo:
    Cabas Alto
    Mandarin Speedy
    Blue Le Fab
    Blue Epi Petit Noe
    Black/Red Epi Noe
    Frange Bucket
    Conte De Fees Musette

    I use them all (some more than others). I like using limited discontinued pieces because chances are I won't see a lot of people with those.
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  7. Cerises Speedy
    Fuchsia Vernis Bedford
    Fuchsia Vernis Eldridge
    Fuchsia Vernis French Purse
    Fuchsia Vernis Cles
    Cherry Blossom Papillon
    Plum Le Fab
    Mocha LV Spa Mules

    I use them, but I haven't used my eldridge and cles yet because they are so brand new that they still have that intoxicating vernis smell, and for such an old color, that is rare. I guess I'm trying to preserve!! lol
  8. I just have the Mono Mizi and the Yellow Petit Noe.
  9. No, I use all of them.
    White epi plage lagoon
    Eye need black
    Eye need white
    Eye love black
    Dalmatien sac rabat
    Satin Abelia
    Cerise Neo Deauville
    Cerise sac plat
    Cerise cles
    Cherry blossom sac retro
    Cherry blossom pochettes
    Comte de fees cerise rond
    Robert Wilson fluro pink pochette
    Robert Wison fluro Orange reade pm (I am careful with these since they are vernis)
    Panda pochette and cles
    Onionhead box
    Fuscha PTI
    Purple vernis is it GM the big one?
    Soon to be disc. Fringe speedy
    I also wear all my disc. fluro bracelets, eye and cherry scarves and shoes.
    All my rare store stuff is on display around the house to enjoy.
  10. I didnt realize the blue le fab was discontinued. I have that one too.
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  11. That is what I hear on PF and from some of the SAs at LV.
  12. I second that! Production is finito!
  13. Great! That makes it all the more special!
  14. OH my! didn't realize the epi speedy in mandarin is going to be discontinued!! it's on my wish list. Does anyone know when it will be phased out?
  15. I was told it's no longer in production by one SA and at the other location they knew nothing about it being discontinued!:blink: :shocked:
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