What discontinued bag are you dying to get or find?

  1. I would love a Cerises Speedy:heart:
  2. Epi Lilac Jasmin. i've been hunting high and low for it, and it's driving me nuts:hysteric:
  3. I really want a Vernis Houston in Indigo!!!!!
  4. for me too Cerises speedy! That bag is adorable!
  5. Trapeze GM in brown
    Monogram Mizi
    Black leather Vienna
    Cherry Blossom Retro and Papillon in both cream/red combo and pink/pink combo
  6. The MM ambre cabas.. or even better, the GM one ! :yes:
  7. cerise speedy!
  8. Cerise Speedy...or the bucket!
  9. I searched for a monogram Leonor for a long time and finally found one.
  10. Waltz Oskar :love:
  11. The khaki graffiti speedy or a cherry blossom papillon. I know they are on ebay, and I am always tempted, but at the last minute, I change my mind and by something else.
  12. a Mono Laser Upton to complete my Laser family :yes:
  13. for me it's the cerise speedy as well :smile:
  14. Cerises speedy 25
  15. cerises speedy is growing on me, but i don't feel like i must have it (not at the moment, anyway)

    i've been wanting a mizi, though.