What Dior is this?

  1. honey its a fugly fake...sorry! as far as i know Dior has never made such a bag, the interior tag is all wrong ( shape, font, all), and the zipper pull has that shape only in original saddles...
  2. Oh so sorry! I even posted that same bag about a month ago in the Place for Fakes thread. Try to get your money back.
  3. Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had no idea it was a fake. :cursing:

    We thought it was real. What can we do? I'm sure the seller won't accept it back. :sad:
  4. First contact the seller and tell them that the bag is a fake and that you want to send it back and receive a refund. If the seller won't comply, the next thing you have to do is file a claim with paypal, if you paid through them, or contact your credit card company if you paid that way. Also, contact eBay and let them know that the seller is selling fake designer handbags. If you need any more help let me know. Sorry this happened to you.:sad:
  5. oh no, i'm sorry, hope you get your money back. good luck!
  6. My poor bf who bought it for me, is not to be heard of/seen online.... He lives in Yorskhire, England and that area has terrible floods with hundreds of people evacuated from their homes. I hope and pray him and his family are ok.

    please pray for us too, ladies. he's the one who so sweetly got me the diorissimo hobo, if you remember.

  7. oh hon i hope your bf is safe and sound...you are in my thoughts:heart:
  8. He emailed them today (the seller)

    he's fine btw, but his area is flooded... chest deep water everywhere. thanks for the good wishes!
  9. Oh, I'm glad he's ok. Let us know how it goes with getting your money back.
  10. Seller hasn't responded as of yet....
  11. Nor as of yet....
  12. hang in tight. Hopefully this would be resolved soon and u can get ur $ back. :yes:
  13. baby how did u pay for the bag??? it was on eBay right?
  14. jeslyn: thank you! :love:

    Natalia, yes, my bf bought it for me on eBay for about 60 pounds and I believe he paid via paypal. he said it's unlikely the seller will respond. what do we now?