What Dior do you want "Santa" to bring?

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  1. Hey everyone!!!

    I'm copying the thread I saw on the Fendi forum...I think that with the holidays just around the corner, this question should be quite fun. What is ONE Dior bag that you wish for? (please post pics if you can!)

    Mine is the Dior nude Detective

    Dior Detective NUDE.jpg

    There are MANY more on my wish list, but this is one that I REALLY wish for (and know that I will probably never even see one IRL).
  2. I would LOVE to get a red gaucho.. or a poison bowler.... doubtful I'll get either of these unless I pay for them myself!
  3. I've never seen that before MayDay but that's really pretty. Is it limited edition?

    Mine is this white metallic strap gaucho in this advert:
  4. denim gauchos + all sadddles made by dior:drool:
  5. the black mink trotter romantique medium flap bag and the lady cannage evening clutch (black with rhinestones). i'd probably say the evening clutch, just because i've got the 2 other trotter flaps.

    apologies for the large images!
  6. Hi Chrystalline!

    I think the nude Detective is limited edition...I wasn't even able to see if the inside tag has the DIor limited Edition plaque, so I'm not sure. If it is limited edition, it's the best limited edition I've seen!!!!
  7. wow that's one amazing piece. The colour looks so warm, great for you girls living in the US. Would look great against the white snow.

    There's not gonna be a fat man in a red suit for me this Christmas nor any other but it doesn't phase me that i can only hope :Push: (everyone tends to scatter when i tell them my wishlist)

    *Trotter Romantique - small or medium
    *Diorissimo Boston Bag
    *Trotter Romantique Pochette
    *Lady Dior East West
    *Dior Flight East West
  8. The Beige Romantique Trotter and the LV-inspired one.
  9. Any of the limited edition saddles :graucho: :nuts:
  10. Well......I wasn't meant to be getting any bags for chrimbo but I have just set my eye on the white leather double saddle. I already have it in black but i totally love it and figured hey, might as well have another one! Also, there is the small pouch saddle in pink logo that I wouldn't mind having. Then after christmas, when my money sets itself right again, I am gonna treat myself to one of the pink gamblers. I have the suede one in black but really want to collect all of them lol. Me x
  11. if i was after a dior for christmas, that'd be the same bag i want too MayDay!!! It is TDF... i remember seeing the small clutch version of it here on the forums (one of the members has it) and i fell in love with the lace detailing straightaway! If i'm not mistaken she also said it was limited edition... it is such a droolworthy bag! :drool:
  12. i would like the bracelet and ring from the Dior Cruise collection.
  13. I've been dying for a gaucho bag. Any color would be fine, cause it's so fine. (I know I'm cheezy, but much more funny in person.):lol:
  14. awww....you're not cheesy at all :smile:
  15. WOW MayDay - that's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! :love: