What differences between old and later style Ledbury?

  1. Hi all- my first post- :smile: - any Ledbury fans out there- can you please tell me what the differences are when comparing the more older style with the later version? I have an older Ledbury but not sure what the changes were when they updated it? Thanks!
  2. or if it's easier what's the difference with a Ledbury/ mini /small /baby Bayswater? I know the Small Bayswater has a long strap but after looking at some auctions the sellers seem to be calling the bags a mixture of everything?! Is a mini Bayswater the newer version of a Ledbury- I'm very confused! I'm after another Ledbury and some bags look like a Ledbury but are called something else!
  3. Not a Ledbury expert I’m afraid, but would agree that listings of preloved bags are confusing - sellers often seem to use names of new styles and colours that didn’t exist when the bag was made to attract buyers...
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  4. I have a preloved Ledbury from 2008ish and a small Bayswater satchel as it was called on the website from 2014. The difference I would say is that the SBS has an inside pocket, the long strap and cloche.
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  5. anyone know if a mini bayswater and a small bayswater are same thing- I've seen them online and there seems to be no strap with a mini- unless of course they've confused the names of the bags- some minis look like Ledbury!! I've seen 2 different measurements for bags labelled Ledbury? This is so confusing