What difference of BV bag (same style) between 'intrecciato' and 'non-intrecciato'

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  1. And that make the bags have different price.

    Please kindly let me know
  2. Intrecciato is when the leather is woven together, which is BV's signature style. Keeping all things equal, intrecciato bags should be more expensive than non-woven pieces just because everything is done by hand and you're really paying for the craftsmanship. HTH!
  3. ^ yes, how true...
  4. I love this site for the definition and pronunciation of 'intrecciato' - something so sexy about saying intrecciato with that Italian flair ...

  5. one is woven and one is not
    Intrecciato means woven
  6. adj. interwoven, interlaced, intertwined; plaited, pleated; intermixed, interlocked
  7. Weird pricing structure BG is going by ... These are both "Intrecciato" Totes with woven strips of leather. I notice that major department stores like BG (and their sister store, Neiman Marcus) can list strange - or even wrong - details about some of BV items.

    In trying to parse the differences between these 2 totes ... 1) the "dark brown" looks to be the classic color called Ebano. The maroon is a seasonal color, correctly called maroon. 2) The sizing seems almost identical (although there's a 1/2" difference in the drop details) ... and 3) perhaps most strangely -- the Ebano Tote is listed as having a "fabric" lining. I wonder if this is true? I thought that these totes all came with suede lining (BG's details for the maroon tote list suede lining).

    Total guess - but I think BG got it wrong here.
  8. I can only think that perhaps the Ebano was 'left over' from a previous season and has not adjusted the price :shrugs:
  9. there's not a huge price difference and it might be explained the different seasons. bottega Veneta went through a roughly 10% price increase earlier this year. I would guess the ebano (brown) is from before the price increase while the maroon is definitely a current season color. since the ebano is a classic color, it is not allowed to go on sale but bergdorf kept the old price.
  10. see my reply on your other thread.

    it has to do with the recent price increase and ebano being a classic color.

    in future, you might not want to start a multiple threads for the same question. this way, responses are consolidated; it makes it easier for you and others to keep up to date. this forum isn't as populated as others, but the people are responsive; you just need to give them time.
  11. I've merged the threads