What did your SO say after you told him you were pregnant?

  1. I thought it would be fun to hear the responses you ladies got after telling your SO you were pregnant. Or even responses from other people. I imagine some are very endearing while others, er, not so much? :p

    I'm not a mom and I'm not pregnant, so I don't have anything good to share. When my sister told me, I think I just said, "REALLY?! OMG! Congratulations!" and then cried, haha. But I'd love to hear how others handled hearing you were pregnant.
  2. I found out a few days before and waited to tell dh on his birthday. The final gift box I gave him contained a silver baby rattle. He was puzzled at first, and then said, "Are you sure? How do you know?"

    Not the best reaction, but I suppose it is a natural one for many people. He was very happy and excited - probably happier than I was! We had been planning it; I just didn't expect to become pg on basically our first try!

    My mom was delighted and so was his family and all of our friends, so we had a warm reception all around! Far more important that his initial reaction was the fact that he is a hands-on, very involved and loving dad!
  3. My husband knew right then. We were trying to get pregnant. And he was right. A month later I told my mom that she was going to be a grandmother. Her response: "Ok...which of your brothers is it...because we KNOW it's not you!" Now I was almost 30yrs old and married and she just didn't think it was me. Then she went to my husband to confirm that I wasn't joking. Then she got REALLY happy, and I didn't have to tell anyone else. She did for me. First grandchild.
  4. my hubby was happy-his whole face turned red from nervousness and excitement. he didnt say much but his expression was worth a thousand words.
  5. I was out of town when I took the test for this pregnancy (our second) and called him as soon as it was positive. Response: "that's great. can i call you when the sun is up?" It was about 4am.... But once he was awake, he was really excited.
  6. I was only 1 day late for my period and was having cramps as if my period were about to start. I mentioned this to my cousin and she said thats how she felt when she first got pregnant. So I told my husband that I wanted to take a test. He thought I was just being paranoid, since I was on the pill. He went and got the test for me anyways. I took the test just as he was leaving for class. It said on the box that it takes 1 minute for the test to come back pos or neg. But it took about 5 seconds to read pregnant! So I ran to the front door and called him back inside. I showed him the stick and we just stood in the doorway staring at eachother with shocked looks on our faces. He just hugged me and told me he loved me. Instead of going to class, he stayed home and talked about how to tell our parents!!

    My mom was the first person I told, besides my husband. We sat down at Nordstrom Cafe for lunch. I started out with, "Mom, I have something important to tell you." She came back with, "OMG you're pregnant!" Freaky!!!
  7. He didn't say much...He made faces, lol.

    :nuts: :confused1: :wacko: :cry: :crybaby: :yahoo:

    Pretty much in that order, lol :smile:
  8. Aww, too cute everyone!
  9. My SO went out to buy a pregnancy test for me when I was about a week late for my period.. & my period is never late, so he knew it was coming! :biggrin:
  10. My hubby couldn't wait til the weekend to buy a pregnancy test because my period was late. So i did it before work....and came into the room to tell my hubby. He was excited!!:yahoo:
  11. "I'm scared."
  12. Awwwww, thats so cute when a grown man says that!
  13. I was crying when I called my husband on the phone to tell him the news. He knew I was going in for a blood test. He couldn't figure out what I was saying so he said 'what?' and I had to repeat myself. I think he said 'good'. I am not sure. I'd have to go back to my journal ... I have pregnancy-induced amnesia. :smile:
  14. My BFF has a funny story....

    She went to the Dr. for a pre-pregnancy check up and told dr. they wanted to start trying and dr. said it will probably take about 6 months given their age.

    They got pregnant on the first try and when she told her husband he said "I thought it was going to take 6 months!"....
  15. ^ lol! Tabby, that's too funny!