What did your pet(s) get for Christmas?

  1. So I've been lazy posting this topic, but I wanted to post some pics of what my dog and brother's dog got for Christmas. My dog got a fuzzy pink coat....
    sophiebow1.jpg sophiebow3.jpg sophiebowtongue.jpg sophiecoat2.jpg sophiecoat3.jpg
  2. And she also got a new doggie bed....
    sophiecoat4.jpg sophiecoat1.jpg sophiegrampabox.jpg sophienewbed.jpg sophienewbed2.jpg
  3. ...and she got a Juicy T-shirt....
    sophiepresents.jpg sophieshirt1.jpg sophietshirt2.jpg sophietshirt3.jpg sophietshirt4.jpg
  4. of course her cousin Zoe got some gifts too.
    sophietshirt5.jpg sophiezoegift.jpg zoe1.jpg zoe2.jpg zoe3.jpg
  5. Zoe got a new crate...
    zoestocking1.jpg zoecage.jpg zoebelly.jpg zoesniffgift.jpg zoesniffsophiecoat.jpg
  6. And of course Zoe got TOYS!

    The Urine Gone is for whoever is a bad doggie and the box in the previous pic contained four boxes of bones.

    These are two spoiled girls! And the only pictures I took on Christmas were of the dogs.
    zoenewtoy.jpg zoenosetoy.jpg zoeredtoy2.jpg zoeredtoy.jpg urinegone.jpg
  7. Gizmo got a candy cane shaped bone and a jacket.
  8. those gifts are too cute! i got cuppy a juicy pajama set! i`ll try to post pics soon ahah
  9. lily got a squeaky vinyl bone with a bow on it, a stuffed armidillo that squeaks, a fluffy santa clause ball, some beggin' strips and a tin of milkbones. none of it was from DH and i....she is a spoiled pup. :smile:
  10. My baby got a bunch of toys and bones.

  11. flyawayfishey, I wanna see that Juicy pj set!
  12. Charlie got a few new stuffed toys for playing fetch, some chew sticks, and a stuffed frog that he thinks is the best ever! My cat Stella, got some cat treats and a new play wand w/ the feathers and bells. The dog plays w/ her toy! She's too lazy and would rather just sleep!
  13. My kitty got a fish shaped toy with cat nip in it..he loves it.
  14. My kitty got a new litter box (lol!) and some chicken treats!
  15. so cute!!! My little dog got a new collar and lease from Coach. I'm terrible at posting pics so I'm not sure this will come through.