What did you with your income tax return

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  1. I was very bad with my income tax return. I bought a LV alma, a pair of citizens of humanity, a pair of sevens, 3 set of juicy suits, and three pair of shoes. I still want to buy some David Yurman earings and some true relegion jeans.

    What did you guys buy.
  2. Congratulations on your new purchases !! I havent thought about what we are going to do yet.
  3. woohoo, you hit the jackpot! that's a nice hefty amount of income tax you received back and I love how you spent it ;P

    I have no idea how much I'm getting back but hopefully it's enough to buy a nice purse or something!
  4. Nothing! - because I always have to pay.
  5. I have no idea yet, hopefully put it toward some Hermes.
  6. I'm so happy I found this site. Is like there's some of me in everyone of you. I don't know anybody that is so crazy about name brands as me. I'm glad that I can now share it with you guys.
  7. gotta put it in savings if i want a new car :o(
  8. Half on the Spy and half on some new clothes.
  9. Sadly, this year I will have to pay because I came into a bit of money at the end of last year.
  10. Wow, you did some shopping! Congratulations on your new purchases.
  11. Thank you guys. I was feeling bad about it but now I don't feel so bad. I'm happy to chat with people like you that understant what a girl want.
  12. An LV, some SFAM, True Religion and Marc Jacobs, a bicycle for my son, some Juicy. Then with the rest we paid off all of our bills! Yay! You made some great purchases!
  13. wow!!! thats awesome! congrats on your new stuff!!! hehehe! i cant wait to do mind later in the year - lets hope i do get some money back! so i can buy another B-Bag or put it towards my trip!
  14. WHOA! Wish I'm getting that much back! I wasn't working FT the entire last year though cos of college, so... I think it'll only be enough for either one nice bag or it'll go towards vacation saving :smile:
  15. Ooh you got an Alma?! Mmm yum.. I can live vicariously thru you then! Thinking of getting one as well but I think I will put all the money towards savings... um... hopefully... :P