What did you wear?

  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm curious...what CLs did you wear over the holidays?
    For new years I wore my black Yoclous with a Cynthia Steffe sequin shift. :wlae:

    tell tell :yes:
  2. I wore my silver specchio Miminettes for Christmas and they were a hit with my relatives. I was getting compliments left and right for them.
  3. I wore silver bling blings and I didn't receive any comments at all? Although I was in the carribean for New Years and my resort was mainly British and South American guests, suprisingly not many Americans. Although my SO and the other couple that we were with thought they looked great.
  4. Juicy track suit. Didn't get dressed up for anything.
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  6. Ok I have an official announcement to make....I wore my gucci d'orsay satins with crystal horsebit, and MY FEET HURT!!!! I missed my louboutins soo much!! I believe its official, I got the louboutin fever full blown, LOL:s
  7. I started off w/ the Anemone for Christmas evening and then both of my parents made fun of the bow so I felt peeved to say the least so I changed into my black patent rolandes for dinner. Later that evening my father and I headed to the casino so I changed into jeans and wore my bronze blings to dress it up. Earlier that day when I went shopping at the Wynn and gambling by myself (lots of champagne lol) I wore my black patent castillanas. So, yes for Christmas day itself, I wore 4 different pairs of shoes. :roflmfao:

    And on NYE I wore my bronze blings. I have to get my money's worth for $1400. LOL
  8. Black satin VP.
    I had yet to wear them since black satin is pretty dressy for my average night on the town. I figured NYE was the perfect time to finally get to wear them. I was worried they would hurt but they were surprisingly comfortable! I overheard a couple of girls complimenting them and my best "fabulous" guy friend just loved them. :smile:
  9. My red patent simples and nude patent yoyos.
  10. How did you do in the Casino? Did your CL's bring you any luck?? Champange is MY drink of choice,btw. But of course I only like really good champagne!:yes:
  11. Oh goodness I don't remember what I wore for Christmas. :sweatdrop: I'll have to search through my posts for that one. Hehe sorry.

    For NYE I wore pewter Lady Gres.
  12. For Christmas I wore my black patent peanuts. New years eve my minnetonka moccasin slippers. We stayed in!
  13. On christmas day I wore my new Cynthia patent leopard wedges....so cute!

    For a Christmas eve party and NYE I wore my Miss Cool (very similar to Simple) Black Patent pumps. So simple, but beautiful and comfy.

    I did learn that all of my friends and family don't know anything about CL!
  14. For a X-mas party I wore a Red BCBG dress with my Gabine in cork with gold tips/heels and gold patent Gucci clutch!
  15. For NYE I wore my tortoise Wallis.