what did you wear today? :)

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  1. thought it might be fun to share our daily outfits!

    today i went super casual as usual.. i wore:

    a blue juicy couture thermal zip-up,
    a brown hco short-sleeved shirt,
    true religion joeys :smile:,
    and my brown sig coach sneakers!

    i didn't have a handbag today.. i carried a huge tote since it was a rainy school day. boo. :sad: and i wore wayyyy too little. i was sniffling by my first class! it's not that often you see rain in la jolla!

    so. what did all the rest of you lovely ladies (and gentlemen) wear today? :biggrin:
  2. hi. i work at home (i'm a writer) so i am just wearing abercrombie from head to toe. but my hermes fourre tout is sitting right next to me. i like to put my documents in a big bag even when i'm working at home....it makes me feel better :smile: and also so i can grab it go to the coffee shop for free wifi whenever i want.
  3. I was home today because of the horrible weather (storm) so I was in my Nike sweats and my Rebecca Beeson longsleeve tee all day. Very comfy:biggrin:
  4. i wore my red Georgia Bulldogs hoodie and a pair of black gaucho pants because i only went in to school for 20 minutes to take a test.
  5. I'm in my typical winter f... freezing outfit: jeans, kashmir sweater in chocolate and my well hated big, long down-feather coat:sad2: and my ugly UGG boots. I can't wait to wear normal cloths again!!
  6. Oh, sorry I forgot: my only fashion highlight is my dark grey adorable, lovely and breathtaking paddington:love: :love: :love: I'm probably going to be burried with her! I really neglect my other bags since she moved in.
  7. I'm on my way out to class ( just need to finish my cofeee.....) I'm wearing express dark denim capris, a white tank top, a brown/khaki horiztonal striped shirt, that's totally open in the front ( and ties at the bottom) with some pink boots. It sounds dreadful, but it actually looks good! :smile: oh, and I've got my notebooks & stuff throwin into a pink/white ralph lauren tote bag.
  8. I'm wearing True Religion jeans, a Banana Republic cashmere sweater in black, and J.Crew cheetah-print flats. It was so cold this morning, and I also broke out my trusty red Marc Jacobs wool coat...brrrrr!
  9. i see conor oberst! hi conor! *waves to conor*
  10. Black turtleneck from the Gap
    Cream colored pants from Express
    Orange Jimmy Choo heels

  11. I went to school and I wore

    A brown velour juicy suit
    A white shirt underneath
    A black prada jacket
    brown balenciaga bag
    brada sneakers
    I don't dress up for school, i find it too much of a hassle at 8 am and I need to be comfy while shlepping around.
    I wish I had a hat,it is so cold in New York.
  12. I took a week off to help my family move so I'm currently in a dirty white tee and cargo pants, carrying my LV mini sac up and down the house. :lol:
  13. Wow, you're head-to-toe designers! I love it! :amuse:
  14. It's over 80F here today so I'm wearing a short a-line skirt in khaki & a blue v-neck Michael Stars with flip-flops! No purse today, I'm home! (but I'm admiring some online!)

  15. It's so stormy here! Brrr!

    I'm wearing:
    teal Michael Kors turtleneck
    AE jeans