What Did You Wear To Receive Your Birkin/ Kelly?


May 20, 2009
Hi Hermes Lovers!

Getting the Birkin/ Kelly bag is definitely a special event. Do you dress up for this red letter day?

There's so much interest in the Hermes forum, from preparing to receive your special order Birkin/ Kelly, to 'what you wore to Hermes' when you 'scored' your Birkin or Kelly.

Please share your pictures on what you wore for this cherished event on which you collected you Birkins/ Kellys in the store, or what you were wearing when you 'scored' your birkins/ kellys as a walk in!

May 27, 2007
My pajamas. :biggrin: I live far from my store and all of my bags have been shipped to me. The only bag I bought as a walk in was my first Kelly, and I had just gotten off the plane, so honestly it might not have been much better than pajamas that I had on.


Because yay!
Mar 2, 2012
Whether casual or dressed up, I always wear something that will go with my new bag! I don't like to clash on my first wear!


Dec 18, 2008
My first Hermes bag was a SO Birkin. I usually dress up when I go shopping, not because I want to impress anybody, but because I love dressing up. On this particular day however, I was getting ready to head to my son's baseball game when I got the call that my SO had arrived, so I was dressed pretty casually. Of course I drove as fast as I could to pick my baby up and still make it to the game on time. My SA is pictured with me. Since my store doesn't allow pics inside the boutique, we stood in front of the windows while shoppers in the mall stared, probably wondering why in the heck we were having our picture taken, but it was a special moment for me, one that I wanted to remember.



Jan 17, 2009
well i usually wear what i usually wear very complicated well built or very on trend tops or shirts with jeans and flats or heles. depending on where im going after but this is how i usually dress sooo ........ basically the same as always. the way i appaer in my AVATAR picture thats the way i go. always an Hermes or chanel bag that is not the one im about to recive and usually a smaller one jige or constance .
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Mar 26, 2009
I don't dress up to go to H and definitely don't dress up to pick up a B or anything. I just dress whatever I happened to dress on that day. When I bought my first B, I dressed super casual and I was perfectly happy with it.


Jul 27, 2008
Whether casual or dressed up, I always wear something that will go with my new bag! I don't like to clash on my first wear!
this!!! :tup: especially if it's a color i am on the fence about, i want to make sure it goes with my wardrobe!

Kitty S.

Dec 21, 2012
You wear a big smile on your face. Done.

I only remembered what I brought to collect my first birkin....my credit card.

All you need to wear is a smile, surely?

Your wittiness made me smile 😄

That said, I suppose since I am fairly new to my store, I suspect that my SA appreciated me looking presentable when she introduced me to her SM when I picked up my bag. Since I was running over from work, it wasn't an issue (otherwise on a weekend, all bets are off 😋).


Sep 1, 2011
I wish I took a pic. I was dressing like I was going on a special date, it was hilarious. It was my very first lol.


Aug 30, 2007
Upper South, USA
My robe! I live a long way from Hermes!

I did look nice in Paris when I bought my Picotin - good slacks, cashmere t-neck, Hermes scarf, nice jewelry and my sheared mink jacket (it was Jan!). I do try to look nice when I shopping big city stores - probably due to my age and remembering a lady never went shopping without wearing heels/hose and a nice dress or suit. It simply want done - sort of like dressing up for church which I Aldo still do. I see it as a matter of respect.