What did you Snag at the Bluefly sale?

  1. I wasn't going to get anything...then I saw the sale only had a few more hours. I found this very pretty Alexis Hudson Olympus Hobo in Indigo Croc print.
    It was 303.00
    20% off brought it to 243.00
    Then a Code got 30 bucks off

    Then......I bought a Chloe. Not on sale and I'm still in a panic but I wanted it sooo bad.


  2. I didn't get anything, but congrats on your gorgeous purchases! The Alexis Hudson was an awesome deal! :yes:
  3. No bags but...

    I got these when they had an additional 20% off bluesale items:tup:

    Stuart Weitzman Boots~ $148.79

    Fendi Sunglasses~ $95.99

    Gucci Sunglasses~ $109.59
  4. I didn't actually buy a sale item. I bought a pair of Gucci shearling gloves for my boyfriend. I did use the code to get $30 off. A pic of the gloves is below.

    Congrats to everyone else on their own bargains!
  5. Lexie, you're so cute how you give all the detail about the Alexis Hudson bargain and then just throw in then...I bought a Chloe, like "how did that happen?" I know that hyperventilating Bluefly feeling myself: you must get this bargain even though it's more than you normally pay for anything.

  6. I watch they Chloe flip in and out of Bluefly yesterday all day and it wasn't part of the Bluesale items. When I saw it show back up this morning I had enough angst about not getting it and snapped it up. I even called Bluefly to make sure they had the bag and the order was solid. You never know when a site has a big sale and their inventory is in chaos.
  7. I git a Hype Hobo but I sent it back, the leather was too stiff for me
  8. Oh no you didn't like your Hype bag? Which one did you get?? I really love Hype, and am really interested in feedback on the bags. I hear so many wonderfult hings, it is interesting to hear something that didn't go perfectly with the bag (doesn't happen often)
  9. I finally got my Be&D Crawford. Been wanting one since I missed it at NM for $413 last year. Also missed the sample sale for $425. Bluefly price was $434. Not bad.
  10. I bought these same sunglasses, but I thought they looked cheap and sent them back

  11. I got a Tod's Besonville in Ink Blue. I'm absolutely in love with it.