what did you see new at FSH Welcome back

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  1. Ok asking the question to those who were just in Paris.

    If you went to FSH which I'm sure some of you did, what did you see, new colors, new stuff, what's coming.?

    Please share so some of us can live vicarisouly and dream through you.

    Welcome back to all those who were in Paris hope y'all had fun.
  2. I saw lots of things in Ciel, which is quite a pretty color (although not that I'm looking for).

    I can also confirm that Blue Brighton is not being offered this season, and it was my experience (for three days straight!) that the majority of Birkin stock is in size 40-- very few 35s, and almost no 30s. Plenty of Kellys on the shelves, and quite a few of the Lakis-- we saw a lovely Asian lady buy a beautiful black box/canvas 28 with PHW on Tuesday, but I saw several others in my time there.

    I have lots and lots of items to reveal when I can get around to taking the photos, I went a bit mad at the sale!
  3. ^^^interesting that so many 40s are showing up these days -- stores and ebay. Wonder what they're thinking - is there that much of a demand for 40s?
  4. My report is 2 weeks old, but like anez reported, there were a lot of ciel and also pelouse. Plus white and orange featured strongly. In the back were a few 35 cm and 25 cm croc Birkins but none in 30 cm, and a fair number of Kellys. Lots of other bags on display, though, including Kellys, Vespa, Gao, Massai, Good News, and several croc Lindys (in toundra/havanne, fauve, pelouse, amethyst). Also diamond Birkins and Kellys.
  5. Yep-- lots of Croc Lindy while I was there too-- recession-minded, making exotic skins in less expensive bags?

    Lulilu-- no idea, everyone I overheard asking for Birkins were looking for 35s, no one was interested in the 40s... They did have one or two 30s, but all canvas combos, which is a lovely Springtime bag but I will keep the combo/unusual bags until after I have purchased all the regular leather versions I want!
  6. Along with what others said, I also saw a Feu kelly and wow, that's a lovely color.
    Personally I didn't care for Ciel. I found it too grey..all the other new colors are gorgeous, but I love bright cheerful tones and walking in the saddle door entrance, it was like being run over by a rainbow. :heart:
  7. I love to read about the inventory in FSH! Thank you!!!
  8. Thank you Miss Margaux for bring up the question;) Thank you ladies for the inventory updates~~~ This is the next best thing to being there physically!!:P
  9. Oh no! I'm just too short to do 40, so my chances of happening upon a 35 in Paris seems to be very slim this year.
  10. Thanks for posting, always nice to hear about FSH