What did you score from NM 4 day event?

  1. Stunning bag!!! Really neat looking!! I tried, but everything that I wanted went in 3.2 seconds!
  2. A price adjustment for the Chloe Tekla I bought before the 4-day event :smile:
  3. chloe tekla in metallic black for $542...i contained myself very well :p
  4. Hey Porcelina, when my price adjustment showed up in my credit card account yesterday, it was only for the difference in price, and didn't include the accompanying sales tax. I called CS to ask, and the girl I got, very nice, but told me that they don't adjust the tax. I asked her back, very nicely, that if NM is charging more tax than state law allows. She thought about this for a second and asked me to hold. She came back a minute later and told me that I'm getting another refund for the tax.

    I also asked her about the price match, still no news...
  5. A headache and a committment not to buy from them anymore-one too many cancellations for the umpteenth time...:nogood:
  6. I went a little nuts. I got a Kooba Black Charlie, A Kooba bourbon Jillian, and a Kooba Oak Annie.
    Also got a Linea Pelle Wallet from Bluefly on sale.
    That sale was making me nuts. I went back 3 days in a row and got a bag each time.
  7. I got price adjustment for the Bulga Pudding Satchel I snatched right before the 4 day started. Got it 3 days ago and love... it. Now I am searching for the Pudding Flap Tote. But no luck so far. Seem to be sold out everywhere.... sigh... why am I always late... when it comes to cute bag....:sad:
  8. Disappointing I know...
  9. Fab price, I say keep it...I'm not buying any more brown/tan bags, I have enough.
  10. WOW, You were really lucky to nab something three days straight! Poor J couldn't get anything!
  11. I have the Pudding Flap Tote and I love it! Hope you get your hands on one soon!
  12. I got my IF Whipflash Audra today and it looks more brownish than bronze...Anyway, the studs actually match my bronze shoes so it's a keeper!
  13. Nothing...guess I missed it...:crybaby: