What did you score from Bluefly?

  1. Anyone?

    I'm interested to know :yahoo:
  2. Hi joy!! I scored a sienna city and a noir day for $1410 total with shipping!!! I'm so excited! I hope they're legit, but I'm not too worried because they have a great return policy. I had to return the ginormous courier that I purchased last week. Will post pics when I get the bags!! :wlae:
  3. I got my first bbag, a Mohagony (Mogano I think) City thanks to pinaygirl! I hope it all turns out to be legit!
  4. I'm sure they are legit, turtlejd. The courier I received from them was gorgeous marine colored and absolutely authentic but wayyyyy too big. Can't wait to get the other 2. BTW, did you get your 1st time buyer disc of 20%?
  5. The code for 20% off wasn't working for me for some reason, but I did get 15% off. :yahoo:

    j0yc3: is you name Joyce? I love your screen name!
  6. I am waiting for sandstone GHPT. :smile:
  7. i got the SS GH PT, truffle work GH, black hobo and black compagnon. I'm definitely keeping the truffle and comp but I have to see the ss gh pt first. i've always wanted a black hobo and waited until the leather was thicker and smooshier. can't wait to see everyone's bbags!!
  8. WoWsers... lucky gal!! thats one nice shopping cart! ;)
  9. Post pics when you guys get your goodies:greengrin:

  10. Yup, Joyce is the name ;)

    If the 20% did not work, you should use the online chat with the customer service and they will honor that 20% :tup:

    And yes, please do post pictures! ;)
  11. how much was the compagnon? i can't seem to get one, and don't want to keep trying if they're too expensive.
  12. O well too late, I just used the 15% coupon for an SS GH PT. I'm not sure if she's a keeper or not...need to check her when she arrives.
  13. Thanks for the tip! I called and got another $48 credited to my account. :yahoo:

    I'm Joyce too! I will resist the urge to start writing my name like your screen name. :p

  14. wow! sounds like there were heapsa SS GH PTs up for grabs! cant wait to see everyone's pics!