What did you score during the NM Sale?

  1. Hey gals,

    So the sale is coming to an end.. and I'm curious as to what TPFers scored at NM.com!!!

    What did everyone get during this awesome and crazy sale?? Pics/links are welcomed! :biggrin:

    Here's what I got:

    1. Chloe Bronze Small Bronze Patsy Bag $303
    2. Two Vince Tops, $42 & $41
    3. Juicy Couture Vintage Fleece Pants Pink $36
    4. Juicy Couture Sunbunny Terry Capris $57
    I must retire from shopping all together.. I definitely gave my CC's a workout this entire week. :graucho::graucho:

    Thanks for sharing your deals! :tup:
  2. see chloe turtleneck sweater $65
  3. A Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress, A pair of Chloe wedges and a pair of M by MJ jeans
  4. i got nothing.....
  5. Lily McNeal hoodie and a [gorgeous!] leather jacket by Theory.
  6. nothing :crybaby:

    i wanted an edith, but did not score one :s
  7. 2 pairs of MbyMJ jeans, 2 MbyMJ Ruth shoulder bags (white and mustard), 1 MbyMJ pouchette in olive. It seems I've developed a bit of a MbyMJ habit. :amuse:

    I'm going to try and force myself to keep just ONE of the bags. Returning them is gonna be SO HARD, though. :push:
  8. My credit card is screaming right now, but I got:

    -Chloe edith bowler $581
    -Miu Miu Canapa & Napa Hobo $420
    -Gucci Romy Med Boston- $1,396
    -Dolce & Gabbanna Eelskin shoulder bag-$638
    -B&E Tuxedo Shoulder Bag (espresso)--$563
    -Prada Easy Pocket--$478
    -D&G Charm Satchel--$281
    -Dolce Metallic Calfskin Satchel--$846.90
  9. Only one thing - Louboutin black fishnet slingbacks. Don't know if they'll fit though.

    *edit* I forgot...I got a guccisimma wallet and True Religion Billy's for my fiance. does that count too?
  10. Cole Haan moccasin for mom $94
    DVF Dress $208.60
    Manolo Blahnik Red D'orsay $253.75
    DVF Military Jacket $146
    Manolo Blahnik buttermetal pumps $211.75
    Manolo Blahnik pink leather pumps $211.75

    No bags.

    Looking at this post, I now realize why I never have any money in my bank account :smile:
  11. I didn't get anything online, but NM in store I got a DVF gray and black wrap dress for $124 and the MJ Sweet Punk Sid for $1054...

    Would love to have scored one of the Chloe Debbies online.