What did you order from Fall 08 ???

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  1. Hi Gals!
    Use this thread to post what you've ordered from FALL 08...so we can see what's popular and what colors are in demand! Also, we can see who our bag twins are.
  2. I said on another thread that I had to sit it out for now. My kids' college tuition...I need to wait for the sales...or ebay...and see what's around/left. Not a pity party, just a reality. I still have my current, beautiful BE's to use...

    AND, I did just order a Choco Weekender, for my travels. !!! I'll post a report when I get it!
  3. You're a naughty girl...but I love that you bought the weekender! LOL! :angel:JNH
  4. I got the Weekender because....: At Gatwick, a few weeks ago, I learned of the new rule, "Only one carry on" on board. If you have a handbag and a carry on, that's two, and they won't let you through security! This is the new reality ladies.

    So I decided I wanted to be extremely chic when I travel. I asked Jackie what she does since she flies in and out of Gatwick, and she said she uses her Weekender, and at the last minute, squishes in her tiny Be Mine Mini inside -- and strolls through with one carry on.

    So this is what I will do. I have a LV Mini Lin Danube in Ebene, as a tiny handsfree, that I will pop into the Choco Weekender at the last minute and voila: the chic lady traveler!

    Traveling is so hard and so tiring...that we might as well be gorgeous, no?
  5. That's what BE will do to ya!

    I haven't ordered yet. I am certain on one bag the other 2 I am not certain on and am waiting for modeling pics.
  6. I put a deposit down for the WTM midi in yummy PURPLE CRASH!! This will likely be the only fall BE I order and I am fine with that. Now, I am just patiently waiting for my spring BEs to make its way to me.
  7. ^^^What spring bags are you waiting for kings_20?
  8. I ordered the Make Me Smile Midi in the gorgeous purple crash :yahoo:
    I am waiting for the modeling pics but am seriously considering the Hug Me in Pewter as well.
  9. I'll be getting a HM in purple crash and most likely the TMA in Chocolate Crash or Dark Grey glossy.

    All the talk of the matte chocolate being so beautiful is making me want one....and in silver hw....that would be amazing!

    I'll be talking with Jackie tonight or tomorrow Ladies.....any questions out there that are burning in your minds?????!!!!! PM me or let me know.
  10. ^^ Hi Contessa, have you received your sand IY yet?
  11. I am awaiting for the SMM in fuchsia, LMMs in glossy apple, mustard, LM midi in dark grey and LM in wine. SO, I guess 3 official "spring" bags.
  12. Nope..not yet. End of the week hopefully : )
  13. nothing yet...I am waiting until I see modeling pix and hopefully some color swatches

    (ETA: Im liking the WTM midi in petrol, either the MMS midi or the HM in purple crash, and maybe the TME in wine)
  14. Please, please, please let me know which styles you would consider in matte chocolate. I want something in this leather so bad and am hoping that by the time fall rolls around we will have enough people to do a bespoke order.

    Sukey - I don't think the WTM midi comes in petrol, does it? Or are you just thinking about what you would order if it was available?
  15. I thought it did....I have to check the pics again, now you have me wondering LOL