What did you order at the Winter Sale?

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    Alright, ladies!

    The sale thread is very long and has lots of order questions, so I thought it would be nice to see what everyone did as a final order in one thread. Plus, we can know what reveals to look forward to! This thread should be a little easier to handle than the order arriving thread too b/c some of those orders are very old.

    I'll go first, please add your sale order the list so we can see what you finally decided on! :tup:

    Bordeaux mini Ormala, gold hardware, lilac lining and a ten inch drop.
  2. Luka in tinted chocolate and raspberry (flap is raspberry) with suede lining in chocolate with gold.
  3. Hi everyone! I totally caved on my ban and got a raspberry Virginia with gold hardware and lilac fabric lining. The sale price and getting the fabric lining seemed to justify my purchase so I don't feel guilty.

    No Cute I can't wait to see your Luka. I love the chocolate/raspberry combo!
  4. Raspberry Virginia will be awesome! Can I pretend carry it with my Luka? Fun! Two Ignes bags in one day!
  5. I was actually fairly good during this sale. Just ordered the white zebra baby millie. Also ordered the olive ostrich ormala but that 35% was from the contest and returning customer discount.
  6. I ordered the Francis, the luka, one wrislet and one pouch. all in gorgeous raspberry!!!! with black cloth lining ( medical purposes, I still think the suede is the BEST!), and gold harware.
  7. Of course! Anytime you want!
  8. Cognac Midi Sofia with no re-enforcement and brushed gold hardware. Single shoulder strap with 9" drop. Gold suede lining.
  9. A Virginia!! WOW!! that's great we are still allowed to order those!!! sounds beautiful!

    Great bags, y'all!!! I got nothing but have enjoyed cheering everyone on.
  10. We'll be bag twins! I carried my Raspberry Francis all day today - stuffed with my heavy laptop and all my other junk.
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    Mini Chiara in dark grey, silver hardware, cream suede lining and a matching wristlet.
  12. I got an Amalia in Tinted Wine, lined with Tinted Wine, silver hardware and no studs.

    Plus a passport holder in Raspberry with raspberry suede lining as a gift.
  13. Well, I can guess what you are saving your money for:P Maybe something be . . . autiful.
  14. ^ lol. Good one. I saw your questions on BE in another thread LL and even though I've only got the one, I really am happy with it. Now, I've never owned a lot of the more spendy brands that you have (which are all lovely, btw) but it is a great quality bag. So, I wish I could compare it to brands that were not mid range to help you out. It is probably the nicest one in terms of construction, details and leather. The designs are really practical but still pretty too.

    I am guessing 30% or so, not likely 40% b/c I get the feeling that BE operates on a tighter budget, like Ignes. The 40% sale was out of the ordinary and I recall reading from Jackie that they actually lose money on the sales that way overall, but that they wanted to give new customers a chance to try BE. I think it worked b/c I would love to get another one in the future and actually would pay full price w/ my experience w/ the bag I bought.

    They have had some great buys on ebay lately too that may work out less than the sale if you don't mind slightly used.