What Did You Name Your Child/Children & Why?

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  1. I'm hoping to fall pregnant this year and have been thinking about baby names every chance I get. Some people choose names that they like the sound of, others name their children after family members, and then there are those that like the meaning of a name and choose it for that reason.

    Just wondering what you named your child/children and why?
  2. Dh and I are naming our son after both of dh's grandfathers, they had a huge impact on him, and are responsible for him turning out as great as he is today, they were both wonderful men!

    Jackson (after jack, but will be called Jackson) and middle name James
  3. My daughter's first name is very old & French. Middle name is more common & on the top 100 list.

    My only advise is to keep your name choices from friends/family. People always have something to say.
  4. At the VERY beginning of my pregnancy, I began having dreams that I was having a little boy. I could see his face and I knew his name. It was so real. When we found out we were having a boy, I took the dream as a sign and we will name him after the name that came to me in the dream.
  5. well coming from a greek backround its bound to be name after the grandparents so my mum had to change my sisters name 4 days after she was born because she was the first it had to be after my dad's parents so it went from Nikola to Stacey to make them happy! I think its really sad they had to do such a thing. Good luck you will like so many names you hear from now on.
  6. Thanks girls. I've had a boy's and girl's name picked out since I was in high school and the only change I've made is to the middle names. The boy's is now my FIL's first name, and also happens to be my own father's middle name. And the girl's middle name I changed because I heard one that sounded beautiful and I liked it better than the one I'd originally picked out. Other than that I'm sticking to my guns and won't let anyone change my mind. Thankfully my DH is happy with the names I've chosen and that's all that matters.
  7. Our first son is named after my husband and his father (so he is a 'third') and our second son is named after my husband's grandfather. Also, their middle names are the same as my father and brother, which was a funny coincidence. So, every male in our family has the same middle name!
  8. I wanted my daughter's name to have a spiritual meaning, Kayla is Hebrew and means "who is like God".
  9. Ah, names.. Well, my husband and I met and fell in love around the time he was reading and really into Bertrand Russell, so he said that if he ever had a son, he would like to name him that. I knew I had several years to get used to it, so I didnt' veto it.

    We decided, based on that, that we each would get to name one child and since DH had a stronger preference for a boy's name, if we had a boy first, he would name the child and if we had a girl first, I would name the child and whoever didn't name the first child, would name the second child.

    Well... I had two years to get used to Bertrand Russell, but I couldn't - no nickname even sounded nice - Bert? Randy? Rusty? Blech! so... I told DH that I wouldnt' veto it, but I would never like it.. so he changed it. Kept the middle name, but he chose the first name like the sea of his homeland. So, we have Adrian Russell.

    Then... it took us a long time to get #2. We didn't try for awhile as DH was getting his PhD, but then we had 2.5 years of infertility before I got pregnant (for real). So, it was my turn to name a kid. PROBLEM was, we didn't ever factor in that we would have an 8 year old with *opinions* . So, this time, since we had named the first one after the Croatian side (Adrian for Adriatic), I thought it would be nice to choose a German name for my German roots (almost completely)... However, I hated most German names - Herbert, Norbert, Frederick was OK, but it was my BFF ex-boyfriend who treated her so bad, so I couldn't use that. So, I finally chose Henry (family didn't like Hendrich(ck)). HOWEVER... my 8.5 year old HATED it. For the nearly the rest of my pregnancy we were trying to come up with an acceptable name. My son really, really wanted Alexander, but with the middle initial we had chosen that would make him ASS... I'm NOPE!:nuts:

    And then one day, about a 2 weeks before the baby was due my older son (now 8 2/3s) says on the morning drive to school, "I kind of like Henry now." And then I said, well, how about Henry Alexander (giving up DH's grandfather's name (Stanko - which I realized some people might read as STANK!) and that's how it finally came about.

    If I had a daughter? Man... I was still undecided. I was really stuck on either Audrey-Elena (no middle name) or Eleanor Veronica. Both with respect to Eleanor Roosevelt and my grandmother.... It's kind of sad these 'names' never came to be.... It's a loss of sorts since I dreamed of a daughter of one of these two names.
  10. We named our DS after his grandfathers...
  11. My two children have names that have no relation to the family. My middle name is my mothers name and I have always hated that, so I vowed my children would never be named after me or a family member. Ultimately we chose names that sounded OK with our surname.
  12. My husband and I had agreed that he could give our first child his/her first name and I'd give the middle name...and if we had more children we'd reverse the order each time. When I had my u/s and found out it was a girl, I called him while he was traveling and told him...an Ashley Furniture truck was passing him at that moment and he told me..."How about Ashley?" I had never thought of that name because it was so common, but the more I thought about it the more I liked it.

    Her middle name is Rayann. My dad's middle name is Ray and my mom's middle name is Ann. So Ashley Rayann. But I mostly call her Boo Bear, since she was born. And now that's she's 7, she's not loving the Boo Bear thing so much but I cannot stop myself.
  13. We named DD Ireland Lucy. Ireland because we went to Ireland in 2007 and loved it there......we were shopping in Dublin and one of us said "Ireland would be a neat name for a little girl" and then when I got pregnant it was the only girls name we could agree on. Lucy is my grandmother's name. Ta-da!
  14. Korilynn - Your DD is adorable and Ireland Lucy is such a beautiful name. It really suits her.
  15. Korilynn have you announced your daughter's arrival yet! Congrats!