What did you miss out on?

  1. Question: Has anyone else ever felt that you've missed your chance to get a MJ bag that you know NOW you really like? I feel that way about the Bleeker satchel. I recently got my first one in black, but now know that it used to be available in other colors, including Amethyst!! Why didn't someone thump me on the head when these were available and tell me to get one? Ugh!!
  2. I feel that way about the Selma and Selma Tote. When they had the big $200 sale last year I held out thinking I wasn't sure I wanted one. Thankfully I found a Lavender one at the very last minute. It was pretty much the last one the boutique had. Now I wish I hadn't waited and gotten another one and a Selma Tote in one of the colors they had available (especially Teal!). I love those styles so much now...why did I hesitate? :push:
  3. ugh, i know exactly how you feel. i saw pictures of the navy venetia when it was available on Nordstrom.com. i thought to myself, "what a beautiful bag" then promptly forgot about it. months later, i came upon the picture again while doing a google search. i suddenly HAD to have the bag only to realize that it was sold out at the mj boutiques and at all the department stores that carried it. i've been searching on eBay ever since without any luck. so sad. :hrmm:
  4. yes, it was me missing out on the topaz stam, it's the color that made me like the stam in the first place, i found out too late that the topaz stams went on sale at Saks in june/july.......... now i'm left contemplating retail prices or eBay.....:cursing::crybaby:
  5. I've alwasy wanted a black quiled Elise. Missed an opprtunity to buy one and now have been search everywhere. Great topic by the way.
  6. i remember a few months back when you mentioned you were looking for a navy venetia. i can only imagine how beautiful the bag is with gold hardware. i hope you find it :smile:
  7. For me, lots! The topaz Stam, the midnight blue quilted Elise, amethyst Blake, and peacock Venetia. :sad: *sigh*
  8. A navy Blake, sigh!:crybaby:
  9. I am not sure which bag it was, since I really didn't kmow anything about the MJ line (at that time). I just knew I LOVED it ... saw it at saks and it was on sale $900ish...BLUE (dark) quilted bowler maybe....:drool: OHHHHHHH how I wanted that bag but I hadn't even begun to spend that type of $ on bags yet...I am still in lust:nuts: to this day:crybaby:
  10. I stumbled onto a black quilted MJ collection bag, still to this day don't know what style it was. It was on the clearance rack at Nordstrom for like $500. I should have bought it and I still dream about it to this day. I was having guilt then because I had just had my baby and was worried about finances. But, I still can't get the image of that bag out of my head. I wish I knew what style it was so I can locate it.
  11. A Hudson :sad: I wish I got one when it was available.
  12. For me it's a hudson as well :sad:
  13. ^^I'm the same way with pretty much all of the striping line...Hudson, Trish, Bowler. I saw a Bowler (just like Hilary Duff's bag) on the sale table at NM this summer. I decided to wait 2 more weeks until the Last Call pre-sale started. I went back a week later to "visit" it and make sure it was still there and of course, it was gone. :sad: ~sigh~
  14. I would love anything - in the Resort 06 soft calf - Olive color. Mmmmmm - I still drool at this pic from shoptwigs:
  15. ^ thats a great color.