What did you make for dinner tonight?

  1. Tonight I cheated, hubby ordered in Chinese takeout...
    Last night I made whole wheat pasta with meatballs in a red tomato sauce....
  2. healthy choice soup, white cheddar cheetos, and diet coke

    no kitchen in my dorm :sad:
  3. Pork chops (for my family--I don't eat meat), vegetable fried rice (not for me either, I don't eat starch in the evening) and a small stir fry.

    I had grilled portabello slices and quorn (vegetarian) chicken tenders with a fresh sliced tomato (I LOVE tomatoes...I go through 5-7 pounds a week).

    And I made some wonderful fresh salsa earlier, so I had a little bit of that as a snack. Sans chips.
  4. Homemade veggie soup (no tomato due to allergies)
  5. Last time I cooked (Sun. night) I made steak quesadillas, with plenty left over so my DH won't starve this week while I'm working!
  6. Humba (braised pork belly) with white rice...
  7. My husband made brown rice, broiled chicken and spinach.
  8. tonight, i am making smoked ham sandwich with goulash.
  9. Hamburger patties mixed with bell peppers and onions with tonkatsu sauce, rice, and steamed veggies...and of course coke zero.
  10. Simple pasta with pesto!
  11. Pasta w/ jumbo shrimp that was marinated in italian dressing, paprika, parsley frakes, hot sauce & pepper. Shrimp was grilled and it was very tasty. You should try it.
  12. All these dinners sound so yummy!!
  13. baked salmon and stir fried bitter melon
  14. Mexican pile-on. Ground beef, corn chips, corn, rice, salad, hot sauce, grated cheese. This way no one could complain about what they liked or didn't like. They put it together the way they like it. With six to feed and assorted guests my kids bring home, this is my easy dish.
  15. TVP sloppy joes.....yummy