What did you learn today?

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  1. I learned that in business, no matter what your intentions, the world can't read your mind so when sending email to reply all DON'T. The grief isn't worth it. Not that I care what others say, it bugs the hell out of me that I couldn't see it coming.
  2. I learned today that I am never going to park my BMW in a parking garage again. EVER AGAIN.

    My poor baby has two scratches and multiple dents from earlier today. :crybaby:
  3. I learned that I am responsible for all the wrongs in society. past, present and future. :hrmm:
  4. I learned that stereotypes are almost unavoidable.

    Drats. Its only 10 am and I already learned a great lesson.
  5. Ive learned that some friendships can be deceiving....
  6. I learned that when you say "around shoulder length" for a haircut-your hairdresser might take that to mean 3-4 inches higher than what you had in mind!!!!! EEEEEEEEEE!!
  7. I've learned that playing Sims Pets on my Wii makes me motion sick... :sick:
  8. I learned that it's never too late to get back in touch. People can be really welcoming.

    I also learned that sometimes doing things your own way doesn't always work, so don't be too stubborn to take others advice.
  9. I've learned that I shouldn't feel guilty for having Hermes purchasing habits just because no one in my family agrees with me about it, though their purchases are equally expensive, just different!

    My single expensive purchase vs. my Mother's $4,000 a year nail care habit, my sister's $2,500 a year Starbuck's habit, my Dad's constant purchasing of antiques and equipment like an Argo...which he's used maybe once, etc. I refuse to feel guilty anymore just because my Hermes habit isn't up my family's alley!!!
  10. I've learned that instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen you should just go out and make it happen.
  11. Great thread!

    I've learned today that sometimes writing out an email about what's really on your mind can be super cathartic -- JUST DON'T SEND IT!
  12. Friends who don't keep contact aren't worth it. ....
  13. I learned today that my cat likes low fat cheez-its and raspberry jam.
  14. I've learned that AAA the roadside assistance people S-U-C-K!
  15. Together?