What did you have done Barbra?!?!

  1. Barbra Streisand leaving a plastic surgeons office.
    baba1.jpg bab3.jpg baba2.jpg
  2. she looks kind of hunched over.. maybe a tummy tuck?
  3. She looks like a bee keeper with that hat and scarf on her face.
  4. doesnt it look like a bandage round the face? face lift possibly??
  5. Wow...I'm surprised to see that pic. Usually offices that cater to celebrities have discreet entrances/exits. It looks like they just walked her out the front door right to the curb.

    And, she's not in a wheelchair. I'm not 100% sure, but I thought that anytime you have something major done, it's the law that you must be exited via wheelchair to prevent liability.

    Are we sure that's even her??
  6. I bet she had a face lift - after those horrific pics of her on the net a few weeks back, that would have had me running to the surgeon too!
  7. It's a shame that she feels she has to go through that with all she has achieved. I wish her the best! (Do we know for sure it is her anyway?)
  8. I don't think that's her. Last time I saw a picture of her she had put on a substantial amount of weight. The lady in the picture is extremely thin.
  9. I can't believe Barbra Streisand, a very private person, would walk right out the front entrance of a plastic surgeons' office.

  10. Yes, Barbara is pretty heavy, this lady here doesn't seem like any resemblance to Babs at all. and from what i know of her she is extremely secretive and private, has a dozen bodyguards when ever she is out and about. Oh ! well
  11. Yeah, I doubt Barbs would have legs that skinny. They almost look like VB's toothpick legs!
  12. ita. these pictures make me feel sad for whomever is under there. holding that juice box, god she just looks so vulnerable.
  13. I don't if it is her but whoever it is had a facelift.
  14. I always remember her having those tiny legs. . .
    this is such a sad photo if it really is her.
    SO SAD.
    People need to leave others alone for God's sake!

  15. My thoughts exactly :shrugs: