What did you girls snag before the LV markup?

  1. I bought like 4 items at Macy's on Sat. and it was so crowded...I think everyone was there because of the dreaded mark-up. I will post pics as soon as I can.
  2. Damier Alma- YAY!!
  3. Nothing.. sadly !
  4. Damier Speedy 25 :smile:

    I was planning to get it in the fall, but the price increase motivated me to buy earlier BUT I forgot to buy thru ****** :cry:
  5. You mean to tell me that White Fringe Speedy is still @ the Bloors St. store?:amazed:
  6. Le Fab!:love:
  7. Framboise Vernis Sm. Agenda
    Framboise Vernis 4-Key Holder
    Sm. Accessories Mono Pochette
    Mono. French Purse
    Monogram Hudson Bag

    Okay, I'm embarrased.
  8. I got these things yesterday for my bday...baggy gm, (wapity) a few days ago.


    WOO HOO, so happy to get them before the mark-up, AND they're both Made in France! YA! A bonus!!:graucho:
  9. Yes.. yes it is. :Push::Push: !
  10. Not yet I still have a few hours to snag a few pieces on elux, I am so tempted!~
  11. Ok, dumb question, but what's ******?

    I got a black epi soufflot. I love it. :love:
  12. Lol nothing, sadly, but in my immediate plans (like a couple this week and maybe the rest next week), I'll be getting:
    Plum Suhali medium ring agenda
    Black Suhali Le Fab
    Damier Speedy 25
    Monogram canvas Etui ipod case
    Monogram canvas billfold for my dad
    the other 2 perfo bandanas (green and orange)
    maybe the white fringe Speedy
  13. In the last several weeks:

    Epi Mandarin Jasmin and matching shoulder strap
    Epi Mandarin wallet
    MC Wapity (so cute)
    Damier Speedy 30

    I am so done for the summer, if not the rest of the year!
  14. I was only planning on the damier speedy 25, but since elux was going to be sending that, I had them add in a popincourt haut. I knew that I would eventually own that bag, so elected to get it before the price increase....
  15. Damier Speedy 25 :love: :love: