What did you get

  1. at Saks today? I couldn't go b/c I had unexpected oral surgery - YUCK!!! Please cheer me up and post pix of what you got.....
  2. blk gst w/ silver hw
  3. Don't worry, there is next month. Take care of yourself first. Here's wishing you well and hope you're feeling better pronto!
  4. Black Expandable Tote and Naked Ballet Flats w/Black Patent toe

  5. diamond stitch flap in black
  6. Is this some kind of reward thing if you use a Saks card or something?
  7. You dont need a Saks card.. just make any purchase on the 3rd Thursday of the month and u get gift cards depending on how much u spend. I think $1000-$1999 u get a $150 GC, $1999-$2999 u get a $300 GC and above $3k u get a $450 GC :yes:
  8. Prada shoes,Chanel makeup,and Theory Clothes..NO BAGS(SHOCKING!LOL!)
  9. You still have time to order online! or... there will always be a next time.

    I got the Chanel expandable black bucket bag, Christian Louboutin fishnet platform slingbacks, and I was nice and got my Hubby a pair of pants. I used my reward card for a new Chanel wallet. :happydance:

    When she handed me my card she told me I had sixty days to use it. It took me all of 60 seconds to walk over to the chanel boutique and spend it!
  10. so the gift card does have an expiry date? i asked my SA about it and he said no, there is no expiry
  11. Great purchases ladies!!! :nuts:
  12. chanel rain boots
  13. i read somewhere in the chanel shopping forum that the expiry date for the gift card is 30th April? It was on the Saks GC event print ad which someone posted online.
  14. I read that too at the bottom of the ad.
  15. Great thread - good finds!