What did you get from the 2012 Spring/Summer Sale?

  1. Online everything I click is not available. Has the sale ended? Or is it possible everything is sold out? Can I go to the boutique and have them order something for me? Help!

    EDIT: Ok, so everything isn't just sold out, just all the items I want. :pout: When does the sale end? Do they re-stock items online?
  2. I have been in touch with the Texas outlet store since I saw the thread with the SA emails. But without the photos, I feel like I'm taking a shot in the dark.
  3. yes. thinking about getting one...altho i don't know if it'll look like the sukey is wearing me rather than the other way around! :p
  4. Did anyone grab the large version of the Gucci hobo in GG twins canvas with black leather trim? I really wanted it but it sold out before I could buy..:sad:
  5. Nope, the regular size Sukey is strictly a hand/arm carried bag for me, which is exactly what I wanted. I use a nerdy laptop backpack for work and that makes shoulder bags really awkward.
  6. Okay...I got a new sukey bag from the sale! It took a minute to get my hands on it as it was given to me as a shower gift. I love it!! I also got a very nice wallet. I attached the photos, I hope it works
    IMAG0111.jpg IMAG0112.jpg
  7. Yay! I ordered this Sukey too and it should be delivered today! Is this the medium or large size? I ordered both since I don't own a Sukey and didn't have time to get to a boutique to try them on. Hope that I love one of them since it's my bday gift to me and in preparation for my upcoming vacation. Enjoy yours! It is a beautiful bag.
  8. Its the large. Enjoy your bag!
  9. I bought the last marrakech shoulder bag in red desert from Saks online for about 50% off. The most perfect shoulder bag in terms of size, length and weight IMO and the color looks better IRL. Extremely pleased with the purchase:love: