what did you get for xmas?

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  1. I didn't know where i have to put this thread...
  2. we are celebrate xmas 24.dec ..
    so i alredy got my presents..
    my bf bought my..mirror with lights what i always wanted..
    dolce a gabbana parfume smells gorgeous.....sorry for the mistakes i allready have some winw in me...
    aand..nice bracelet, earrings.,.....love him ssooooo much..
  3. Well... it was supposed to be an X'Mas gift for my DH but since he does not fit at the thighs... I gave it to myself for X'mas.

    A pair of D & G lamb leather pants.
    DH gave me a pair of journeys diamond earrings.
  4. My boyfriend and I are exchanging tonight but his family got me a cute bebe top and cute bebe matching gloves. My parents just got me a couple clothing items, mostly for work (which I have to exchange actually) and gift cards to go shopping with. A light load this X-Mas (lol)
  5. going home 2 of january so my parents and family give me presents then..i can't wait...
    just week to go...
  6. My Dh got me some tahitian pearl drop earrings and a long pearl necklace to match. Also, a new cell phone.

    I also bought myself a new Fendi scarf at Nordies the other day, but Shhhhh...!
  7. My bf got me the Marc Jacobs "ines" bag in peanut, I got some cash from the relatives, giftcard to walmart, and I got myself 3 cashmere pashmina's for myself! ;)
  8. this shhh :0 is what i always do when i came home with something new...
    because in last few months it was lots of things like make up, shoes,...
    and i making my bf somethimes crazy ...:angel:
  9. I got myself my first pair of designer jeans! :smile: 7FAM A-Pockets...and they were a great steal too...the last pair of A-Pockets, and in my size, AND only $60 at Nordstrom Rack!

    Parents got me a Tiffany's necklace.

    Still on the hunt for the Coach bag I want...even though Xmas has passed.
  10. Great find! If I remember correctly from an old thread you wanted to score a great deal on some designer jeans. Glad to hear you scored on this pair.
  11. I got a juicy bag and wallet from the bf. I bought myself come coach goodies and my mom got me a coach purse. Also got some clothes, baking supplies and dvds from my parents and bf's parents. The sweetest present was from my bf's grandma. She is making me a quilt and its not done yet, but I got a sneak peak on xmas. It was the last present handed out and it was awesome. I love quilts and she knows it. So nice of her.
  12. I got a Nordstrom gift card, cash, a gym membership (which I asked for!), a pair of YSL sunnies, a Louis Vuitton handbag, Chloe boots, several pairs of Manolos!!! and I bought myself a pair of Tory Burch snakeprint ballet flats!
    A great Christmas! But the best part was watching my kids open their gifts!
  13. Lots of amazing stuff, actually lol - this has been a pretty awesome Christmas! The following is all from my dad - one hell of a Christmas!!! :yahoo:

    --100% cashmere Banana Republic black turtle neck
    --100% cashmere Banana Republic black zip-up hoody
    ^^^ these were AWESOME as I had pretty much 0 black items in my closet!

    In terms of beautification...
    --A $75.00 gift card to Sephora and a Sephora train case for all my makeup. That I was totally psyched for because I am SO unorganized and I keep all my makeup all over the place - some on my dresser, some in a large burberry clutch I have and the rest in an LV makeup bag. Now I can finally use the clutch as a clutch! AND the train case is big enough to hold my OPI nail polish collection (side hobby *blushes*) and has a shoulder strap and everything :heart: - and with the gift certificate and I can afford to fill it up a bit more *wink-wink* haha

    For entertainment...
    --I got the Ally McBeal ultimate DVD set!!! I LOVE Ally McBeal - and my dad was able to locate the entire series on DVD.

    --The first 2 seasons of South Park on DVD (guilty pleasure :blush:)

    --A $50.00 gift card to Starbucks and the Starbucks "6 Seasons" set of different coffees. (yet another addiction...lol)

    --LV agenda refills (I get these every Christmas) for my rouge vernis agenda PM

    --A Playstation 3 with Guitar Hero 3 + wireless guitar as a joint gift to me and my DF. This is sort of a disappointment (though I'm grateful!!) because this was supposed to be a Nintendo Wii for me and the DF to play.. but my dad couldn't get one (they're supposedly impossible to get right now!) but somehow he managed to get his hands on a PS3 - so got that with guitar hero because he knows we like that game (my brother fueled the majority of these purchases, he's 18 and knows game systems like no other, I swear lol)... and the idea in this was that if we didn't like the PS3, we could sell it back to Game Stop (where he got it from - you supposedly can't return these systems to this store because of their exclusivity...? ..So I'm told) in exchange for the Wii when they come in - which isn't until February according to every store i've called - and they're a first come first serve basis - no pre-orders :hysteric:. So I'm kinda sad. My brother bought us both Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Party 8 for the Wii when he first started shopping because he assumed my dad would have been able to get the Wii... so he gave us those as gifts Christmas morning - which I guess we'll return if we decide to keep the PS3 (DF is playing guitar hero behind me as we speak lol). Seeing how much he loves the PS3 I think I'll have to forsake my desire for the Wii - and they're so damn hard to find it's just such a PITA, really!

    --The Mac Leopard operating system (upgrade) :nuts:- this was what I wanted the MOST lol. I'm a huge Apple fan (secret Mac head... nerdy, I know) and my dad got me a MacBook as an early graduation gift in August when I accidentally broke my ibook - and then like, 2 months later Leopard came out and I was like ARG - if I had just waited 2 more months I could have gotten it with LEOPARD instead of the regular OSX. So I waited for the release of Leopard with great anticipation, but as a poor uni student I just waited for Christmas to get it - and I did! Installed it, using it now - LOVEEEEEE it!

    And lastly, a card with $500.00 in it to me, and a card with $200.00 to my SO in addition to all we got!!! We are so friggin' poor here at school - my DF (we're getting married in October!!) just graduated last week with his sociology BA - I'm student teaching in January as my last step to graduating with my Spanish/Secondary Ed BA - so that is ALOT of money lol - and so many gifts! We were and ARE seriously ecstatic. We didn't even give each other gifts this year as we're both currently jobless (student teaching doesn't pay, it's like interning :sad:) and DF just had his first interview the week before Christmas (fingers crossed!) - so this was just spectacular!!! :yahoo:

    At his house we did a Secret Santa exchange with his family - and we got a bunch of domestic stuff (on the "we're getting married in October" theme) - my fave is a marble cheese set - a slab of marble as the cutting board and a matching cheese knife. We're HUGE fans of presentational cooking and entertaining - and we love, love, love cheese (sick, I know hehe) - so this was my fave. We also got some sort of wine opening thing that Steve (DF) was all sorts of hyped over - I didn't get it, but then again, that's probably because I'm never the one who opens the wine! :lol:

    So that was my Christmas! It was lovely - so, so happy and grateful for everything. Being in college really puts everything into perspective. With the money, I'm considering buying some sort of leather bag for student teaching (I don't think it's appropriate to use my LV or any logo'd bags right away - and my only other leather bags are a black balenciaga city and a small white small coach hobo). I haven't bought a new bag in awhile - so maybe I'll set out a bit for a Tano bag... but I'm debating it... it may be more responsible simply to save :tup:
  14. I got
    Return To Tiffany bracelet from DH
    250 dlls American Express gift card from DH
    Gold necklace (it was Grandma's :sad:) and an elephant charm and a rosary from mom.
    Lingerie from Mom.
    A silver stailess stell toaster from my aunt.
    Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless-Steel Lined Lunch Jar from DH (no microwave at work and this was a sweet idea because I am always complaining about not being able to bring hot food for lunch)
    500 dlls from mom.
    A super cute letter from DD.
    Candles and more lingerie from BF.
  15. I Got

    From Parents

    The new juicy gold leather purse
    I-Pod Touch
    Tiffany geometric heart earrings :smile:
    Make-up Box

    Lots of lil' stuff

    From Sister
    Clutch Bag
    Lots of jewellrey

    From Family
    Abercrombie Perfume and Pyjamas
    Ski stuff
    Jewellrey Box


    Me and my sister got a Nintendo Wii from our parents!

    Great Christmas!

    and it's my birthday next week
    Yeyy can't wait