What Did You Get For Valentines Day? Post Pics!

  1. Just Wondering what you got for valentines day. Did you get anything special delivered to your work? My Hubby sent me this bouquet of hershey kisses. its quite cute! haha I was told by all these ladies at my work that they were jealous and wished there SO would have sent them something. One girl said i was a spoiled brat :p (dont mind the mess on the table haha :p) I also got the 25th anniversary bedtime bear i was wanting!
    Im loved, yay! :girlsigh::love:

    Edit: Oops, Happy Valentines Day!
  2. This thread is already in the Relationships forum.
  3. oh.... I didnt look there since you dont have to be in a relationship to get something.. sorry..
  4. Here is a photo of what I got:

    Much more beautiful in real life!
    v-day flowers.JPG
  5. Beautiful flowers, Shari!