What did you get for the holidays!

  1. What'd ya get!
  2. Well...that Legacy Mini Skinny is a gift to myself! I'm also planning on getting an LV Ludlow wallet.

    And under the tree is another LV, the Panda Pochette.
  3. Well.. I know what i'm getting from my mom

    80 GB Ipod Video.... since someone stole my 30 gb ipod but atleast i can put movies on it now
    $70 Ipod Case (iskin claro + 3 skins), my mom advised me to get coach, but i decided against the legacy stripe when i saw that it didnt even have a screen protector at the boutique =( =( defeating the entire purpose of a case.
    Peacoat from gap, 3 ballet flats from urban outfitters, some clothes from anthropologie

    and idk , probably money from the rest of my relatives.
  4. finally now I'll remember to bring my keys!
  5. oops.
  6. I treated myself at the PCE to a pair of sunglasses, shearling hat and metallic lilac wristlet. I also got a giftcard from my brother and my mother in law may be getting me one as well.

    I also got some cash from my parents, so even though it's not Coach exactly, I have a pretty good idea that that's where the money will wind up!
  7. They are still under the tree.
  8. bet i won't get a darn thing...

    which is why i hit the sales HARD after christmas! :p
  9. I got the Legacy stripe wristlet and the Lurex pink wristlet.
  10. I treated myself to the fold over striped wristlet (that argh came in damaged), large flap wristlet, small embossed wristlet, a couple of scarves and fob. Merry xmas to me :smile:
  11. of all the things you've purchased lately, how much of it actually came in good condition?!
  12. everything that sprinkles or I did not pick up myself. so all the wristlets, the fold over has this huge scuff scratch, the embossed, i didn't look at the scarves, but I don't think anything wrong with that. The fobs, and the freaking agenda I ordered and exchanged THREE TIMES! all damaged in the same freaking places.
  13. dang...

    i would be doing some serious complaining if i were you!
  14. ;) Hee - the Zoe Clutch in gold, perfect for holiday parties!
    coach madison clutchw.jpg
  15. The poppy tote from the outlets. :yes: