What did you get for free at LV?

  1. I'll start:

    - free repair of 10-year-old epi PTI
    - until two years ago, free catalogues with price list
    - a few times a year seasonal catalogs in the mail
    - free lock and 2 keys for cerises speedy (that was a nice surprise!)
    - sadly no VIP stuff

    How about you?
  2. Got some vip stuff but not really usefull.
  3. Just got the VIP travel kit.
  4. Only catalogs, some in mail and some @ the store.
  5. I just got the new catalog, that is it!
  6. Nothing, Louis Vuitton shows me no love !! :sad:
  7. Just the catalogs :sad:
  8. I had a really nice SA at NM who gave me:

    - New Catolags
    - 2 Keychains for my birthdays
    - Louis Vuitton Boxes (I was reorganizing my closet & wanted extras to store my LV's that didn't have boxes
    - Thank you Postcards everytime I purchased something from him

    He gave me the best customer service ever!! Too bad he moved to Hermes in Beverly Hills =(
  9. at LV, I get for free:

    some snooty attitude and crappy customer service

    (only sometimes)
  10. only the hot stamping... :crybaby:
  11. Daffie, what kind of keychains? Do you have pics?
    mas2388 that's bad LOL you need to speak up! :yes:
  12. Not a :censor: thing. But I keep coming back. :rolleyes:
  13. Hopefully something! But nothing quite yet....
  14. I got some lint from the floor on my shoe once, it was free.. :roflmfao:
  15. Catalogues, boxes, dust bags and the VIP travel kit.