What did you get at the NYC SS?

  1. Post your loot here! Can't wait to see! :cool:
  2. I just got home, still have to take/upload pics.....quick recap - another great sale!! I was 2nd on line, and knew I wanted to buy a Swing (if available) and a new wallet. I scoped out the Swings while waiting outside (front & center in front of the door).

    Shortly before the sale started, Michelle Trachtenberg rolls in! She had a few minutes inside before the doors opened, but was definitely still there in the madness. I took some bad spy pics when she was right next to me - she saw her pics on the wall and said, "Hey, that's me!" It was cute.

    Once the doors opened, I grabbed a bronze Swing, then visited the sample section, where I found a sample ostrich Moss swing. Then I wandered a bit, ended up by the MABs, and discovered a Wine MAB w/ mosaic lining just sitting, untouched?!?!? That baby is now mine!!! I also took home the moss Ostrich Swing (I put back the bronze Swing) and a black croc wallet.

    Rebecca was there, her baby bump is adorable! I saw Megs & Vlad too, but I was shy & didn't say hi. I only saw one TPFer that I knew (Hi Tara!), and I know she scored some great loot. :smile:

    Let me know of any questions about prices/styles/colors, I'll answer if I can. I'll try to post pics tonight!! :yahoo:
  3. I saw a Moss Ostrich Swing in one of Vlad's pics and it looked amazing! Congrats - I can't wait to see your pics :graucho:
  4. Oh you totally should have, we don't bite and love meeting TPFers! :tup:

    Speaking of Tara, her new sleeve tat is entirely rad, I love it.
  5. WOW! What scores, gardengal. I can't wait to see!!
  6. LOL, thanks Vlad - I will next time. I walked past you a few times, I was wearing a fedora and had an armful of bags :smile:
  7. I am dying for pics!! MAB wine!! I am so excited for this for you lol!
  8. Chances are, I have you in my pictures somewhere. :sneaky:
  9. Where?!?!! I am going nuts trying to find it.
  10. Wine MAB with Mosaic?! Amazing!!!
  11. Cant wait to see pics of your moss ostrich swing! Does it have the antique silver hardware? Awwwww!
  12. hi!

    i was wondering for the people that went to the sale, were there any covet rockers or covet satchels? i'm interested in both!

    if so, do you remember how much they were and what colours were available?

  13. There were definitely covet satchels - priced at $217, I think. I checked them out a few times, many colors - browns, orange, purple, navy, butter, black croc, etc. They also had bombe covets - saw cream/navy, almond(?)/black, etc.

    I think I saw a few covet rockers but not many - don't remember price/colors, sorry.
  14. Yes, it has the antique silver! A little bit of it is in one of Vlad's photos. I'm going to eat dinner then I'll post pics.
  15. It's the bottom right-hand corner ;)