What did you get at Neiman Marcus midday dash?

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  1. Did u manage to get anything nice? I'm in Asia and I always don't manage to stay up lol
  2. When midday dash first started years and years ago, they had some really good stuff, nowadays I don't see anything good. I stopped looking about a year ago.
  3. Thanks for the info! Glad I fell asleep lol
  4. I don't bother either.
  5. does anyone know when neiman marcus/bergdorf's next big sale is? will they have any louboutins 50% off like they did after christmas?
  6. ^^end of summer
  7. Their midday dash is bunch of left over stuff, trying to get rid of in the name of flash sale, every now and then they would have some candles and such that normally don't go on sale, but for the most part, the midday dash is very disappointing.