What did you eat today!?

  1. Today-

    Breakfast: Coffee.
    Lunch: Grilled chicken salad.
    Dinner: Lasagna & garlic toast.
  2. Breakfast: milk and bread
    Lunch: chicken and beef
    Dinner: veggie
  3. Breakfast: coffee/yogurt
    Dinner: pasta w/ garlic bread
    Dessert: WW ice cream bar
  4. wednesday
    breakfast: iced coffee
    lunch: caprese salad
    dinner: chicken parmigana, garlic rolls, salad
  5. breakfast: coffee/yogurt
    lunch: amys organic tamale pie w/ toast
    dinner: coconut chicken w/ fried rice
    dessert: Chocolate vitatop
  6. Today-

    Breakfast: Iced coffee.
    Lunch: Chicken salad sandwich & fresh fruit.
    Dinner: Mac n cheese w/tuna.
  7. breakfast: skipped
    lunch: grilled chicken spud from mcalister's
    dinner: corn, potatoes, and sausage cooked in foil in the oven
  8. Breakfast: Special K Cinnamon & Pecan

    Lunch: Egg burrito, fruit, 3 Oreos

    Dinner: Schnitzel, potatoes, salad
  9. thursday
    breakfast: iced coffee & special K
    lunch: grilled cheese
    dinner: chips/guac/salsa, tostada, giant margarita
  10. vanilla yogurt with sliced strawberries and pumpkin seeds
    seedlander crackers with a low fat laughing cow cheese wedge, and canned turkey
    planning on chinese food or something out for an early dinner
  11. Wow I'm surprised by how many people skip breakfast or only have coffee. I wake up hungry I must be a freak of nature, lol.

    Breakfast: sausage, egg, & cheese on a ciabatta & a chocolate chip muffie from panera
    Lunch: PB&J and chips
    Dinner: half a burrito bowl
    Snacks:a piece of pizza & banana
  12. Breakfast: Special K Cinnamon & Pecan cereal

    Lunch: Santa Fe Chopped Salad at Chevy's restaurant

    Dinner: Half of a Trader Joes Cheese pizza, kalamata olives, a few peanut M&Ms.
  13. Had a croissant for breakfast
  14. Lamb Ragù for lunch, and quince for dessert.
  15. Yesterday-

    Breakfast: Coffee.
    Lunch: Tuna w/Wheat Thins.
    Dinner: Cuban sandwich & a side salad.