What did you eat today!?

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  1. why i'm honoured to be the first again :smile:

    lunch was instant noodles with leftover chicken
    dinner was braised meat udon
  2. sunday
    breakfast: iced coffee
    lunch: turkey sandwich
    dinner: grilled chicken on a salad & birthday cake
  3. F&F, today is Tuesday :lol:
  4. ^hehe...thanks! ;)
  5. monday
    breakfast: iced coffee & special k
    lunch: peanut butter apple
    dinner: angel hair & marinara with a salad
  6. Breakfast: coffee/yogurt
    Lunch: grilled cheese sandwich/cup of tomato soup
    Dinner: flank steak w/ roasted asparagus and a baked potato
    Dessert: WW ice cream bar
  7. breakfast: coffee and rice cereal
    lunch: gluten free vermicelli with steamed bakchoy, jasmine tea
    snack: almond milk and baby carrots
    dinner: rice with steamed fish and celery, water
  8. Tie Guan Yin tea and bowl of muesli for breakfast
    Vermicelli with chicken and mushroom for lunch
    And I'll have moroccan lamb cutlets with roasted pumpkin and sweet potato for dinner tonight! CAN'T WAIT!!
  9. tuesday
    breakfast: iced coffee
    lunch: skipped
    dinner: roast pork, black beans & rice, salad
  10. Yesterday-

    Breakfast: Coffee.
    Lunch: Chicken tortilla soup w/crackers.
    Dinner: Beef and broccoli over steamed rice.
  11. I was ill last winter and lost lots of weight. I've been keeping it off by eating a small portion of food every few hours. Protein is mandatory at breakfast and lunch mini-meals.

    Usually I eat simple things but last Saturday I sat down to a 5 course banquet at a fundraiser. I don't think I have eaten that much food in one day for several years! And the food was very well prepared.

    Free fancy martinis before dinner.
    Antipasto with mozarella, tomato, basil, cantalope with proscuitto, artichoke hearts.
    Pasta dish with marinara sauce and meat.
    Entre of chicken with sauce and several vegetables. Tossed green salad and sausages in sauce were also passed.
    Platter to select from an assortment of Italian desserts like canolis.
    Special wine and mineral water along with breads and butter on the table for all.

    I had totally forgotten that ppl eat this way for special occasions. If I had taken home my courses and shares of table items, I could have eaten for 5 days. Wow!
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  12. breakfast: earl grey tea
    lunch: rice vermicelli with lettuce and steamed chicken
    snack: coffee, mango slices
    dinner: rice with sweet potatoes and portebello mushrooms, water
  13. breakfast: 2 slices of bacon, biscuit, red potatoes (on campus)
    lunch: personal pan pizza (on campus..not much healthy to pick from!)
    dinner: small bowl of brunswick stew
  14. Breakfast - yogurt and 1 piece of toast with coffee

    Lunch - Shrimp Rolls with iced tea

    Dinner - Pork Schnitzel with baby potatoes and a salad