What did you eat for breakfast today?

  1. Crispix Cereal for me!​
  2. Bagel with strawberry cream cheese.
  3. nothing:sad:
  4. Quaker Oats 90 calorie Granola bar and 2 Eggos.
  5. A bottle of Evian water and a piece of wheat toast:shame:
  6. A bowl of pho (Vietnamese soup) and bowl of cereal! I like my breakfasts hefty... :biggrin:
  7. rice crispies with strawberries and juice
  8. watermelon & raisin bran crunch cereal w/ milk
  9. two eggs ~ ran out of milk, so I couldn't have my special K
  10. I had my usual Saturday breakfast; Bloody Maria and an Ativan. :P
  11. Scrambled egg white omlette with peppers, onion, and rice cheese!! It was good... I swear!!
  12. Oh that sounds soooo good. NOT! I cant do the fake cheese.

    Egg whites are ok...but gots to have the cheese.
  13. If I ate the cheese... my stool would look like your infamous colonic picture!!!!!!!!!! I had some toast too... but also 'fake' toast :shame:
  14. i didn't eat breakfast.. i woke up late.. hehehe
  15. A donair...............:P (with all the sauces plus more)
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