What did you dream last night??

  1. I had very weird dream last night. In my dream I saw my old friend from Junior high school. We used to be so close but grew apart for no apparent reasons. In my dream I saw he was very very thin but he seems so happy seeing me. Everything seems so dark,I could hardly see him due to the fogs but I remember telling him "you will be ok" and I left.

    It bothers me little bit, I hope he's ok :sad:
    I never thought about him at all all these years..

    What was in your dream last night?
  2. Maybe subconsciously you saw something yesterday which reminded you of him?!?

    I had the wierdest dream - thereis the owrk colleague which is really annoying me and I dreamt I told my mother who hired a hitman! What makes it so funny is that my mum is the most passive loving woman I know!!

    Very strange....
  3. My dream was even weirder... i was at this Louis Vuitton boutique and the SA was my bf's sister. She completely ignored me and decided to help other customers.:rant: I was so mad so i just left the store. The manager yelled at her (my bf's sister-the SA) :yes: for not helping me. So she ran after me and appologize. :roflmfao:
    I dont know what it means...
    am i too obssessed with LV??? do i not like my bf's sister or does she not like me....
    oh well... :upsidedown:
  4. I been having werid dreams all week........Last night i had a dream that my BF had people watching me ....( spying ) ..than it switched to me talking to a coworker , telling him off becasue he did tell me he was leaving ...just weird
  5. Well, I had no dreams last night because.....I HAD NO SLEEP!!!! We had horrible thunderstorms here last night and my daughter woke up at 10 and was up with me till 12 am, then my son woke up at 2 am and was trying to look out the window till 4 am, then I got up at 5 am, checked PF, went back to bed till 7 am. So, I guess I got 2 hours. Man it was a rough night!!!!
  6. I've always had dreams where I was still in high school and stuff. The thing is I have not much desire to see people I know back then. Last night I dreamt about eBay and handbags. LOL. Just like real life.
  7. Funny that you ask.

    Yesterday was a tough day - our kitty of 17 years passed. Even though we knew it was coming, it broke our hearts.

    In my dreams last night he came for a visit. He showed up at the back door, all fat and healthy. We let him in and he went straight for his food plate to check it out (as was his habit). Then suddenly we were upstairs on the bed, where he lay between DH and myself - happy and purring and fat - getting skritches on the stomach.

    That dream gave me a lot of peace. :noworry:
  8. :crybaby:This just made me cry. Thanks for sharing. I dread the day BF's kitty goes to a better place but we know it's in the next few years.
  9. :crybaby: BAGS, of course!!!!

  10. Oh..that so sad:crybaby: .Sometime I dream about my old cat too and woke up still sobbing..
    I lost my old cat and I belived he when hiding somewhere to rest in peace..It still break myheart anytime I think about him:crybaby: :crybaby:
  11. I recently broke up with my boyfriend. It was a painful breakup, I think it will take me months to get over it. I hate men! Sorry, just had to vent.

    Anyway, I had a dream that I went to his house to pick up the rest of my things. I knock and his new girlfriend opens the door :crybaby: Just the thought of it now makes me cry!
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  13. I always have weird dreams. One of my weird dreams involved Clay Aiken, a cave, and a crazy dog. Don't even get me started.
    But, most of the time I have normal dreams. I've figured out that whatever I'm watching/doing around 5-8 PM determines what my dreams are going to be about. If I'm watching tv, I'd probably have a dream about the tv show. I'm pretty sure that it's scientifically proven, but I'm too lazy to search.
  14. Thanks :crybaby:
  15. OK I had some weird a%^ dreams last night:

    #1 woke me up....I dreamed I was plastering my walls (which I'm doing right now) and couldn't breath because of the dust from sanding. I actually woke up choking and had to run for water...weird!

    #2 I was at a crazy party with Johnny Depp (and I'm not even a huge Johnny Depp fan).